[FORUM RULES] 12.11.16

  • Forum rules

    §1 Abusive language

    Users should respect each other. Insults will be punished through the boards infraction system. In cases of an uncertainty, an admin decides on the case.

    §2 Racism / Discrimination
    Any form of racism / discrimination is prohibited and will be punished harshly.

    §3 Spam
    Spamming is restricted to topics in the spam section. Please note that the forum rules also apply to the spam section.

    §4 Double-posting
    Posting twice in a row in the same topic is prohibited - use the edit function. This doesn't apply to the spam section, in which you're free to post as much as you want to.

    §5 Pushing threads
    You are allowed to push your own threads after a time span of 12 hours.

    §6 Multiaccounts
    Owning more than one account on the board is prohibited. Using proxys or fake ip addresses in the registration process is prohibited.

    §7 Identity theft
    Taking over someone else's identity or pretending to be someone you are not, is prohibited.

    §8 Pornographic / sexual content
    The distribution of pornographic material is prohibited.

    §9 Advertisements
    Any kind of advertising for other communities is prohibited and will be punished hardly.

    §10 Languages
    Please use either German or English when posting on the board.

    Asking for likes or pushing your own or some else's posts by liking them is prohibited.

    §12 Pushing, board points, posts
    The farming of board points is prohibited.
    "Reviving" of old threads (old = not relevant anymore) is only to be conducted by a forum moderator or high-ranked administrators (Super-Admin +) or should only happen under special circumstances (e.g. restart of a forum game).

    §13 Prohibited Posts
    Do not post violent / pornographic material in neither the shoutbox nor on the board.

    §14 Fake data
    Users who use a fake email address in the process of registration will be banned from the board.

    §15 Offtopic
    Posts not related to the actual topic will be deleted. This includes posts with (virtually) no content (e.g. "close please" or "Yes", "No") as well.
    Please consider to post rationally and give reason for your opinion.