TTT suggestion by Mason

  • hello dear Dream community @All

    Today i have a small suggestion for are new popular server TTT, is more like a Idea that i had , and i hope this is going to help are players to be able to join the ttt server easier and at any time .

    well as you already know if you be AFK for a long time on the TTT server you will be moved to Spectator section by console , even if you be on the Spectator section you are still using a slot on the server so basically if there be 20 people on the Spectator section no one else can join . i mean you are still able to join with your console if you write
    ( connect )

    but this feature is very likely to get removed after the last admin meeting we had , because we don't want the TTT server to be full of players , don't get me wrong we love having players on are TTT server , but if there be 30 players on one server communicating will get very hard especially on the server like TTT that you always need to give info to your teammates .

    this feature will not completely get removed you are still able to join with your console by typing this in the console
    ( connect )
    but you will not be able to join withe the console feature any more if the server is full .
    and it makes a lot of sense that you're not allowed to join if there is too many players on the server , but unfortunately is not like this right now but we are looking forward to improve are loved TTT server .

    so basically what I'm trying to say is after we remove this feature slots will get very important , so if the server be full no one can join anymore .
    ( admins still can join )
    and the fact that a player on Spectator section can take a slot will be a problem later on for are server .
    let me give you a example why : there is 15 players playing the game and there is 5 players on Spectator section , no one else can join if this 5 players don't leave .
    you see where i'm going with this ?
    so basically if we add a plugin that can kick the people that are on Spectator section for a long time for example 10 minutes, it will reduce are future problems ( that we don't have right now but we will have later )

    i didn't post this on the admin section because i wanted to get some feedback from are normal everyday players , and i posted this in english because i want it to be easy to read for are English members .
    and i really want to get some feedback from @Unicorn24 @Mike @wickedy because they are admin on TTT for such a long time and I think that they have more experience on a lot of stuff about TTT .

    best regards

  • Well, thanks @Mas0n for this interesting suggestion.

    Basically, I was about to ask the same and I will just resume his idea in my way.

    Right now, the players who are inactive and not doing anything are moved to spectators and this is good but they can stay in spectators for a long time. (we are talking about hours for some people)

    That is true that even if you are in spectators, you are using a slot, I understand that some people want to stay in order to not loose their slot on the server but it would be better that, if you are not playing, disconnect from the server and let other people have fun.

    This idea is very simple to put in action, @Sky , @BlackFire, @Nachtfrische would just need to modify a few settings in the move to spectators plugin which have probably some kick settings after some time in spectators.
    If the actual plugin doesn't have that, well, there is plenty of other plugins we could use if this idea would be accepted.

    By the way, this suggestion would be interesting in all servers and not only TTT like Knife, Minigames, Surf ...

    In conclusion, changing some settings in the move to spectators plugin in order to kick inactive players after like 10-15 minutes spent in spectators would be a good idea in my opinion. Of course, the admins would be immune to this.

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