• Dear DREAM Community,

    we are not in doubt about the past weeks having caused a bit of stir & disturbance in the community and caused reasonable attrition in all of us. Nonetheless, we are confident in our believe of progression through looking forward and working our hardest to improve.

    In this process of improving and moving forwards towards a common goal - which is a continuous and steady process that has been going on since the funding of DREAM - we would like to offer you as a community the possibility to join us on our way to improvement.
    In short, we want to hear your suggestions about what we could do to improve the experience everyone is having on DREAM.

    At this point, I would like to give a short teaser of the road that lies ahead: The feedback questionnaire is going to be part of a larger, eminent Update that will be going live in the near future of 2018.

    Therefore, please tell us your suggestions concerning

    • the servers
    • gamemodes
    • plugins
    • the forum
    • the teamspeak 3 server
    • communication in general
    • the admin team model/structure
    • anything else you can think of.

    We kindly ask to abstain from suggestions concerning concrete personalities on DREAM or suggestions that are - objectively - impossible to realise. Other than that, you can live out your fantasies. This thread will be open for an estimated time period of one month and will not be commented.

    Important: Due to the large extent discussions of personal suggestions can expand to, we request you to not discuss suggestions of other users in this thread. You can show your agreement, rejection of an idea via the Like/Dislike button or you can directly contact the respective user and try to workout a more refined (in your opinion) suggestion. Otherwise, feel free to post your own suggestions!

    We are looking forward to lively participation & would like to express our gratitude for your help.

    BlackFire, representing the leadership

  • Team

    • Just pushing some admins on activity and possibly more English speaking admins that can actually speak it ( No hate towards admins or I don't want it to sound bad )


    • Remove the dislike function on forum again as it causes chaos and abuse again ( example is my wall being dislike bombed )
    • Update the Christmas forum template
    • Adding "Legendary Member" from 20K forum points?

    TS3 Server

    • Organizing the ts3 ranks more neat
    • Giving Channel admin more choices on codec & qualities
    • Creating more game icons

    Anything Else

    • Creating more events to attract players
    • Making sourcebans load bit faster as it sometimes can take ages

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    liebe Grüße OxygeN


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  • You have something against activity of admins????? I have no idea what are you talking about... Maybe you need to get more active... Shame on you!

    P.S. To make this related to the theme, I would also appretiate the TS3 rank reduction.

  • Hello Dream community,

    My suggestions that I will explained have been already discussed a bit between @Nachtfrische and me but I think it could be better to show the other users of Dream what I was thinking.

    I will explain what I think for every part.

    The servers :

    • For the servers, I would advise to reset every server and reconfigure them from the beginning.
    • A clean installation base with basics plugins such as Sourcebans, store could be done.
    • Of course, we would save the inventory of players, rank, stamm, ...
    • After we would just need to add particular plugins for gamemode like TTT, Surf, Jail, ...

    Gamesmodes :

    We could use other gamemodes like Zombie or ScoutKnives but for now, I would suggest to stick to our current ones and make them better.

    Plugins :

    • [ANY] Contracts : Plugin which add objectives for players on servers. Fulfilling those objectives give you credits. You can personalize the objectives trough a configuration file.
    • [ANY] SM Warn System 1.1.0 : Plugin which allow admins to warn people on servers for a given reason. Warnings of players are stored in a database. After some warnings, a punishment can be chosen between slay, kick, ban.

    Forum :

    • A new design is needed. I know that the leadership is looking for a new design. Make sure that the new design is mobile friendly.
    • The structure of the sections of the forum could be modified. I find it hard sometimes to find a thread especially when you don't remember the name of that thread.

    TS3 Server :

    • Same things as servers : reset the teamspeak server completely and ask people who really know their stuff to configure the teamspeak and the permissions correctly to prevent any issues in the future.

    Communication in general :

    For me, the communication could be improved but in general I am satisfied except sometimes for the Team News which sometimes appears a bit lite in my opinion and for the last weeks because I think that it was a bit messy about what was happening.

    Admin team structure :

    I think the admin team structure should be modified in some places.

    For the rank of Owner, Leader and Co-Leader, I think you guys should just have a rank Leadership or something because, in my opinion, you represent the leader ship so there is no distinction between Leader and Co-Leader.

    I would delete the rank Admin+ because it's not very useful. I would introduce a rank called Chief Admin. The Chief Admin would be an admin responsible (to a lower level) of the basics admins under him.

    I would separate the admins into teams/squads specialized per server.

    In conclusion it would be like this :

    (Sorry for the quality of the picture but I think you will understand faster.)

    General conclusion :

    I hope that my ideas will be useful and if anyone want more explanations about my suggestions, they can contact me on Steam/Forum/Discord.