Bad administration

  • Hello. I wanna make a formel complaint on the admin Manatee

    I was playing on the 35hp knife server today. Me and my buddy "J U Z E" was messing around having fun and playing the game.

    suddently a guy joins (Mike) we have never seen him before, but he starts breaking rules in this case afk camping. We didnt know there was an admin online, and we just told him to stop, later on "J U Z E" calls an admin on me as a joke for using the Donald Trump skin, since it would be convinient with an admin present. He then got banned for !calladmin abuse, and i got muted out of nowhere. We couldnt understand what was happening, since we clearly didnt know there was an admin present, especially since the admin who was present was a guy who was rule breaking. So i went and checked the ban list, and the admin Manatee banned "J U Z E" and muted me, we had no knowledge forhim being an admin, and he abused his admin abilities. This doesnt belong in the community. So im formally asking, that someone take a little conversation with Manatee. No hard feelings, just wondering where these "punishments" came from.:thinking

    All the best -Yung Guacamole^^*

  • Making calladmin on someone for fun is punishable and you should know this from past experience and it's more than obvious that consequences would have been taken.

    Regarding you not knowing that Mike was a administrator, maybe you should become a little more active on the forum? :thinkinghard:thinkinghard

    Either or I see nothing wrong from the actions taken by Mike.

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  • Hi,

    you abused the calladmin function, therefore I don't see whats wrong with Mike punishing you for it. It's not abuse either.

    It may seem like a minor inconvenience, making calls for fun, but it actually is not. Admins are spending their free time to help players on the servers by responding to these calls, and wasting their time is neither funny nor good for the players.

    Regarding the claims of Mike camping AFK players, we would need some kind of evidence to judge/act on that.

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  • I did never do afk camp but ok... As already said i would like to see evidence for that. Its not ok that you start lying here.

    I muted you because you and your fried were voicespaming all the time. You screamed "Stop That" and "Calladmin" again and again. So the mute was not out of nowhere... Ill check if i still have shadowplay record and edit that post later if i have.

    BTW: It doesnt matter if you know that an admin is online or not. You should stick to the rules anyway, not only if an admin is on the server.

    Further Calladminabuse is punishable. Only this day i recieved exactly 40 Calladmins between 1pm and now (11pm), trolling guys are nothing more than annyoing, i hope you can understand that. So there were 40 Calladmins in 10h. Most of them between 2pm and 8pm. That makes an average from 1 call every 15 mins, without consideration of the frequency between 1pm and 8pm.

    btw: Video why i muted you^^

    I think i was able to proof that there was no bad administration ;)

  • Fully understandable. We were trolling no doubt. But i personally have never seen you on the server, and we were "trolling" the calladmin was fair enough. Regardless my personal opinion on that. The calladmin abuse is very common and just indeed be punished (in my opinion harder) BlackFire regarding the free time, then its great that you guys do that, and i respect that. It just seemed wierd at the time. So sry for the inconvinience Manatee It would be nice with a little heads up next time, that i should shut the fuck up ;) But im looking forward to seeing you more on the community. The calladmin abuse, must be a post for another time.