Short post (Probably a shit post)

  • Well. Here i am again. Complaining about another ban.. It has been a while ;)) :rote-backen2

    The issue here lies, in the fact that i just tried to join, and got a ban notification. Im very confused so i check the sourcebans. It then says "banned for 1 month"
    Well. Due to the amount of previous bans i have on my record, the lenght is fair, but according to the violation i commited it is way too long.
    I admit that i used some swear words, but not in an extremly assesive way. I got 2v1'ed for the 500th time, by the same dude (one of many) so i said i quote "Can you stop fucking 2v1'ing me you little whore!", and that sentence is then followed by a mute by Manatee. Fair enough, i see the point, i violated the rules of language so i got a mute. Mute me for a week for all i care.

    But here comes my point. Instead of banning me, a frustrated player, like so many others, try to grab the problem by its roots, if i hadnt been 2v1'ed by that guy and so many others, my language would have been way different. And in many cases it is. 2v1'ing happens, and many times we can solve it in a friendly way.

    So leave my ban be, and might consider to reduce it. But for future issues try to solve the problem where it originates :)

    Thanks for reading my post, i hope the server has improved once again when i join next time.ttbox*

    -Yours sincerely Genesis/Yung Guacamole

  • Hey,

    I did not Ban you for that "whore" stuff. I was online with my smurf and you insultet players as faggot and gay scrub (can proof that if needed). That in combination with the mute that was 1-2h ago you didnt seem to learn from that. Later on, after some consideration, i decided to ban you for that again.

    To that "grab the problems by the roots"-part The thing is, that i actually didnt even see that you got 2v1'ed but i can hear, so i heard you insulting via voicechat. I tried to explain the problem multiple times. I dont wanna punish people if i didnt see them breaking a rule. So you claimed that dude 2v1'ed you. You know that many ppl claim "2v1" after literally every 2nd death. So now my job is to find out what are legit claimes and what are not legit claims... When i didnt see it, I cant judge so i dont punish. Mostly i join spec when ppl claim to get 2v1'ed by the same person more often, then i spec ppl to find out if this player is breaking the rule..

    Hope could help you with that.

  • Ah i see where youre going with that. I can admit to the "faggot" claims. But the "scrub" is just a meme bro. I respect your desiccion and i can easily see it from your perspective. But take my post to heart, and keep improving the server, because it had gotten way better when i joined after my last ban, so i hope it will gradually get better! -Thank you for replying Manatee

  • Gibt es ein Plugin, dass die Zeit zwischen dem ersten Kill und einem weiteren Kill(oder eben Tod) misst und an alle Admins ausgibt, sobald es eine zu kurze Zeit ist? o.ô Theoretisch ist der Spieler der in innerhalb vom x-ms gekillt hat bzw von x-ms gekillt wurde dann der 2v1er oder?

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  • from Manatee

    Because you habe shown a good behaviour and changed your critiam „culture“ on a very positive way, i decided to lift your ban. Please make sure that you watch your language. I will keep your points in mind

    I really apreciate that. Ill keep a leash on my language, and especially keep the positive feedback in mind. Thank you for your time :))