How do I suggest maps correctly?

  • Hey,

    as you may have noticed map updates sometimes tend to take their time.

    Mostly, this is due to the effort it takes to look up the maps, download them from 3rd party websites or the workshop, test them, compress them correctly and upload them to server.

    To speed up this process you can take a few steps which make it easier for us to add maps:

    Why should I do this?

    Maps are uploaded faster, updates are pushed more regularily.

    What should I do?

    • Look up maps (consider: size, amount of players, bugs, design etc.)
    • Collect all chosen maps in a specific folder
    • Compress all of your chosen maps into .bz2 format. This can be done by various applications, I tend to use 7Zip with the following settings:
      • zyvw8n4y.png
    • Now there should be 2 files per map in your folder with the respective formats (bsp and bz2
    • Create a text file (named maplist or similiar) and throw in all the names of the maps (without format ending)
    • Compress the whole folder (including bsp and bz2 files + text file) and upload it to a file hoster of your choice
    • Post the link to the upload into your thread suggesting the maps

    With these simple steps you help us to shorten the process of adding new maps drastically.

    We appreciate your helpings.

    Best regards