Application Requirements | Read before posting!

  • Join our team and help us to keep the servers clean from cheaters and unruly players.

    Please check if you meet all the requirements before posting your application.

    1.) You must be at least 16 years old

    2.) Show activity in our community (Ingame, Forum)

    3.) Confident in the spoken and written English language

    4.) Assertivenes

    5.) Maturity

    6.) Appropriate style of language (written and verbal) (e.g. no slang)

    Important: Administrators are required to show activity at least once in 72 hours.

    Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances, if a team member gets caught cheating with any of his accounts, he will not just be removed from the Admin-Team, but also permanently banned from the community. Please stay away from any type of cheat.

    It is not possible to become an Administrator, if one of your accounts already is VAC banned.
    (if the VAC Ban is older than 100 days, then this rule does not apply)