OxygeN Application

  • Hookah I understand your decision and the comment you made and I've adjusted my activity to be more active. Thanks for the feedback.

    perks I understand the cons you've mentioned and if I could I would turn the time back and not conduct these mistakes which make me feel quiet bad to this day, I can promise you that I'll make the community proud and not let them down otherwise I'll expect myself to be community excluded because then I can't be trusted again. Thanks for your feedback.

    Dream Knife Player Since 2016

    liebe Grüße OxygeN


  • is a yes from me, i'm pretty sure you wouldn't fuck up again. you really love dream and you are committed asfuck, i respect that.

    as i told you, if you get admin i will also apply for knife, chill a lil more in the servers as now a old friend is back. this time we are both older and more mature, so i say let's give the English side of dream some love.


  • :tthumbsup2

  • After trying to get SB to load.... It finally did after 30 minutes.

    "Er ist einer der ersten Admins die ich gebannt habe weil sie einfach unfähig sind und ich banne ein Admin nicht einfach so!!"

    Here is a lie from ViruszZ just to go against my application because he never banned me when I was a admin. I even have screenshot evidence of this.

    My ban history (Red squares are there because they cover bans of other players). Only 1 ban from ViruszZ let's take a look at it :thinkinghard


    Ban from ViruszZ, Date of the ban 24.06.2016


    The Day I was removed from the admin team:


    As you can see, he banned me 4 days after I got removed from the admin team.

    Dream Knife Player Since 2016

    liebe Grüße OxygeN


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  • Sooooo heres my go on this:

    I don't really know you, I've never played with you and i've never ever seen you anywhere. BUT, i've been lookin at your posts etc. in the forums and you seem like a really nice guy who could handle the work of an administrator. Let's hope people look at you the way i do, good luck.

    It's a YES from me.


  • In my opinion you should give him test admin, even though he did some shit in the past. People change and I think it would be good to have an active admin on the server (if he increases his activity on the server).

    So its a yes from my pov.

  • Hello Oxygen,

    You have probably noticed yourself that the processing of your application has been dragging on for some time now. There are several reasons for this, which I would like to explain to you and the community.

    First of all, most people here know that you have a long history with this community. Among other things, you were already an admin, have already been banned and have received an application lock. We have consulted internally several times about whether we want to hold on to this lock or whether we want to give you another chance despite multiple votes against to prove you as an admin.

    In a personal conversation with Wickedy, I advised that we should first keep an eye on your activity. You have expanded this significantly recently. That is a good sign.

    In addition to your activity, we also focused on seeing whether you have changed in the meantime and whether you are suitable as an admin in our community.

    I have increasingly seen behavior that I do not want in my part of the team. On questions from me, players have also indicated that you appear to be better at them or at least try to. You also saw here in the thread that people see your person quite critically. I don't know what happened with Sofy today, but we won't tolerate childish behavior. Among other things, the application was very shaky from the start, it was simply not enough to convince me that you were suitable.

    For this reason, I have decided to reject your application and finally deny you the opportunity to apply for a team.

    I really appreciate you as a player, but I don't think you are able to represent our community as part of the admin team.