• Hey guys,

    some of you are already waiting a long time for the ws plugin to be fixed. We had some difficulties doing that. Ohter Communites just simply bought the tokens to get the plugin running again. We didnt see a reason for buying tokens from someeone when there is a plugin that does the same thing better and is free to use. So we started changing all the ws/knife plugins on all the servers we have. The problem we got is that the database structure is much different with the new plugin. So we changed all servers where stattrack isnt "that important" to the players first. That resulted in a stattrack-resett. We could have done that for knife too, but decided to put much effort into saving your stattrack kills. This evening R2D2 and i converted all the SteamIDs from the old DB to fit the new format. Because we did that all by hand, we didnt convert IDs with stattrack-kills < 100. All other kills are now going to be transfered to the new plugin's DB. We think that will be finished on Sunday, so that you can use your knifes and Stattracks as usual.

    Thank you very much for your patience:tthumbsup


    By the Way, those are the Top Stattrack Kills :)

  • Thanks bro! It's really good that you tell everyone like 3 weeks after the problem first came up! GG

    I lose 50000 stattrack kills. Why? How? And Where the fuck did my kills go?

    I have them for more than like 3 years and now they are gone?

    I complain in forum and they spam donald trump emotes and ban me, so good service!

    I get no answer is english, only ban.

    So how are you going to solve the problem with like everyone losing their stattrack? Are we going to get compensated or what?

    If you would have told us earlier, this would not have been a problem like it is now. Why didn't you do it? Why didn't you? Makes no sense.

  • I have THREE accounts that should be on "the ones with most kills" that you sent.

    gges 8D

    I and everyone else appreciate that you try to do something good but no one tell us anything and now we lose kills

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  • :tshrug2:tfist:tlisten

  • #Update:

    The !ws and !knife features are enabled again! As Manatee mentioned before we converted all the stattrak kills to the new Plugin!
    If you see any differences or are in doubt please provide us with information and we will take care!

    Have a nice day and alot of fun again on our server!!

    P.S.: Looking forward we will have a Credit Multiplier Event near the weekend to appologize to all of you!

    Best regards,


  • SHOULD be working again now. I dont know but the old plugin is gone.Strange things happen. So i installed a new one. It is possible that it looks different then the old one but it should do the same thing.

    Update: Ok i was able to test the plugin. It doesnt print the distance to the killer... im still searching for the old Plugin

    Update: Found it. Old Plugin is back where it was