Dream is dying, here's how to save it

  • Hello my fellow gaming lovers!

    We all know that i am one of the reasons that dream is such a wonderful community :pinch<3.

    That's one of the big reasons it pains me to see that the community we have built over the years are dying and pretty much is at deaths door as it is now.

    It's truly unlucky that dream closed the way it did during corona. That would have been a huge change to make the community grow.

    I know that the closing wasn't decided by the dream team but it's never too late to regain the wonderful place that was dream community.

    I think that one of the biggest reasons that dream died the way it did was because of the closing of the knife server.

    What happened was really unfortunate but the fact that we as a community didn't handle the issue by reopening the server is a mystery to me. I'm sure that you guys in the dream team had your reasons but now it's really been way too long.

    Dream has been the source of fun and friendship for me and everyone reading this and so many others. The place we knew and love is truly on its last legs but we can still save it!

    The fact that a new operation has just been released in CS GO is a chance i wouldn't call common. Now if ever is a good time to open the knife server again and regain the beautiful community we once had.

    Since the knife Server is a place that welcomes people from all over he world i think opening it again would be a big help in regaining the type of economical stability dream once had.

    I don't know for sure but i don't really ever think dreams purpose has been to amass economical gain so the fact that the knife servers opening won't bring in HUGE amounts of money is a problem we should consider at this point.

    The survival of the community should be our top priority.

    Everyone from Europe that played knife played on dream, it's truly been a pinnacle in the knife community and in the overall community server community.

    Right now people are looking for a new place to play since the one everyone played on closed.

    This is so sad since i know that the dream 35hp server would be the place where everyone instantly would turn to with extreme excitement.

    I know one of the big problems is to afford the tokens for the knife gloves and ws plugins but if we would start with only the !knife plugin we could se the evolution of the server and then decide if it's worth it to invest further.

    I know that it will be a success but it's easy for me to say that isn't the one paying everything.

    But I really think it would be be best way for you guys in the dream team to in a good way see the interest of the server (to only pay for !knife plugin).

    Are we going to seize this change given to us to save this community and regain the god status we once had in the CS GO and knife community or are we going to let it keep dying?

    Sincerely yours

    J u z e <3

    (Member of dream com for 5 years with about 120 000 stamm)

  • Well it will cost me 270€ to reopen that server.

    Just like Jail, they said it would be great and there will be many players- as u can see.

    So why waste more money, lol?

    simple, jail = german only. hitler died so all germans gone, unlucky for them. Knife = everyone which means active players. Also no one plays jail so bad server imagine playing jailbreak in 2021 lmao get life lololololololololol jailbreak sheeeeeeesh. "face your ass against the wall or get shot!".

  • Well it will cost me 270€ to reopen that server.

    Just like Jail, they said it would be great and there will be many players- as u can see.

    So why waste more money, lol?

    We can help you with the cost man, me and some others are ready to contribute with more than just words.

    Of course jail won't work, there's already a huge german server that took all the dream jail players.

    You know that knife always has had very loyal following, don't know about jail but the knife players never stopped playing.

    There's no server that are taking the 35hp players, that's why 35hp is a good investment while jail isn't.

    "why waste money lol" idk, should have thought about that before opening jail server. Knife is a whole different story.

  • Well it will cost me 270€ to reopen that server.

    Just like Jail, they said it would be great and there will be many players- as u can see.

    So why waste more money, lol?

    The initial cost at the start might be hight.... but if Dream performed like it did in 2014-2017 then your views would change.

    Dream Knife Player 2016 - 2018

    liebe Grüße OxygeN


  • csgo community servers are dead lmao

    Außerdem oha 270€ um einen Server zu öffnen JA Moin läuft der über die Microsoft Cloud oder was


    Nur der ist zur Kritik berechtigt, der eine Aufgabe besser lösen kann.


  • of the 500 people, 50 buy vip


    1 time payment. 1k€ = 5-10 Server bills.

    Reopening the Server would only make sense if you are interested in that kind of gamemode.

    Also they (Dream and others) dont run Servers to earn Money from that. You always pay more and more to give the players a unique game expirience. In the end u just get more and more complains.

    But people Never understand.

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  • Here are some insights:

    DREAM had the servers hosted on a dedicated server (not VPS, not shared with other users). That is the reason that the gameserver costs were around 100€.

    The provider used was OVH, a big and trusted hosting company. Reason for that was the reliability of their services and the excellent DDoS protection. But that was massivly overpaid for a small community like Dream.

    I don't know where the 270€ from Flamex is coming from, that is just complete bullshit. You can get a good enough vServer for 20-40€ per month and that should be good enough.

    I agree though, the Knife server was the best server in Europe and I put a lot of effort into trying to fix all the bugs + decompiling and editing every single map which could be improved. I am not sure if opening the server is enough to make profit though.

    The only way to make Dream profitable is either to make it Pay2Win (still a bad idea imo) or to abuse the fuck out of cosmetics and status levels. This is something we never did due to Sky wanting all to be free.

    Take a look at other servers, they have different Tiers which get different cosmetics and benefits. An example could look like this:

    • Tier 1 (2€ monthly donation or 10€ for 6 months):
      • colored trails
      • some player skins
      • some hats
      • some chat tags
    • Tier 2 (5€ monthly donation or 25€ for 6 months):
      • access to !ws and !knife
      • more player skins
      • more hats
      • more chat tags
      • ability to change chat color
      • some pets
    • Tier 3 (10€ monthly donation or 50€ for 6 months):
      • legendary player skins
      • legendary pets
      • kill sounds
      • VIP voice annoucement when joining the server
      • VIP chat tag etc.

    The donation system needs to expire sadly, otherwise the server just runs out of people who donate. Just like all games with microtransactions, Dream needs whales who constantly donate and put money in to feel better than others. Additionally, Dream could abuse FOMO (fear of missing out) and offer special items only for a certain amount of time. Like, if you donate between October 10-31, you get an exclusive Halloween hat / player skin which you will not be able to get otherwise to pressure people into donating.

    DREAM was a bit too nice and player friendly, which meant that we only could rely on sponsors financing the servers (which, like I said earlier, were overpriced).