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    da der Herr Mike und wickyboy nicht da sind, übernehme ich deine Bewerbung und ich gebe dir eine schnelle Antwort.

    blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla, aber trotzdem bist du schon aktiv also daher bla bla bla, und noch mehr bla bla.

    willkommen im Team mein Freund angenommen-new*

    schreib mir in steam damit ich dir deine Rechte geben kann.


    ich kann beide Seiten verstehen. ICH hatte keinen geslayed. wenn ich keine Bock hatte die demo anschauen, weil sonst Slay ich jemanden der vielleicht nichts falsch gemacht hat. ( für Beispiel doofy) aber auf die andere Seite kann ich auch Virus verstehen und dass er vielleicht keinen Bock hate wegen ein RDM ein ganzen Demo um 23:00 anschauen, eine Warnung hätte gereicht und alles wäre okay.

    shit happens lass mal jz einfach locker bleiben, jeder macht Fehler wie du selber sagst Doofy also let's kiss and be gay together :tshrug2

    First of all wouldn't the armor just protect you more from nades (not saying nades shouldn't be able to one shot but it's a knife server not a nade server) and not from the actual knife itself as it would still do enough to kill you? If not then yeah there's no point in adding it and i'm just making useless posts. And i just want to say that as a player with a lot of time most people probably don't want a skin as a feature (most because people don't use skins anyway) :thinkinghard

    so you would not want a free skinn that ONLY you have because you have a ton of stamm ? if no then fair enough, i mean i would like that but i don't know about all other player.

    the nade thing you said there makes sense. i didn't think about that, so now i see ur point, sorry for calling you out. But i'm not sure if nades do less damage with armor, we should test that real quick.

    Well talking about the kevlar i thought the damage you would take would be around 34-35 so you would still die. I don't think there should be added a skin since there is already enough broken skins on the server. But i do think that the jump boost would be a good idea.

    So why would u want armor if nothing will change? You Are making a post complaining about The useless Stamm Feature but at the same time you are suggesting just a different useless Stamm feature? It seems like you are just posting to post, new application coming soon?

    We have some buggy skins but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a exklusiv stamm skin, doesn‘t have to be buggy and adding just one more skin is not the end of the world.

    If you think of giving the players kevlar it would destory the balance.
    If you have kevlar you receive less damage -> You need to right click them to instantly kill them.

    So new players had to right click you with less range and users with x stamm could easily left click them -> They would leave the server instantly.

    ^If you meant kevlar tho**

    100% right, red u are a smart boy you know something like that will literally kill the Server.

    2 top : gets exklusiv skin that u can‘t buy with credits ( later i could search for one)

    1 top(finalstammrank) : gets the exact same jump boost we have on ttt rn and i don’t think it’s op as a well skilled player i can say that the only thing that gives u better range is speed, and the boost jump on ttt doesn’t give u any/enough speed to get better range but is something to show off and have fun with.

    Best regards

    mason Aka mudafuk