Application of Luckiris | 03-07-2017

  • Hello Dream Community,

    This is my application for becoming again a part of the admin team.

    0) Do I meet the requirements ?

    I do meet the requirements to become an administrator.

    1) What’s your name in real life and in game ?

    My real name is Arnaud. I live the city of Dijon located in Burgundy, France.
    My in-game name is Luckiris for most of the games that I own/play.

    2) How old are you ?

    I am 20 years old. My birthday is on the 29th of April.

    3) Why do you want to join our administrative team ?

    I want to join the administrative team because of a few reasons.

    I know for fact that a lot of people trust me in every part of the community. Some of them are asking me sometimes to solve their problems.
    Then, I used to manage an entire community a long time ago, so I know how an administrator should act, the behavior to have, the example you need to give to the players of the community.
    Now come the main reason, I am a man who is always trying to help by solving people problems by creating plugins, suggesting new rules, new content and ending arguments.

    This main reason come also with a lot of motivation because like Glenn from The Walking Dead said, we need to make it work so I need to try to make it work by showing my motivation every time my help is needed.

    4) How long have you been playing on our servers ?

    I’ve been playing for a while on Dream Community servers. My first time was in September, 2016.

    This is my Stamm points on all servers :

    • Jail : 0
    • TTT : 14728
    • Knife : 31785
    • Bunny-hop : 5814
    • Minigames : 6371
    • 1v1 : 861
    • Surf Deathmatch RPG : 79
    • Surf Ski Go 2 : 1026

    (Stamm points updated on 02/07/2017 at 17:20)

    I don’t really know for the CSS servers but less than 60 for all of them.

    5) What are your favorite hobbies or pastime ?

    I like to spend time with my friends. This is one of the most important thing for me.
    Then I like to do some coding, making servers, everything which is related to computers, applications, threats, technologies, ...
    I have always a project to code, not always something useful but I’m trying to understand things or how to do them.

    6) Do you think yourself as mature ?

    I think I am mature. I am 20 years old so my behavior changed a lot since I’m not 15 anymore and I know that I need to act as an adult because, like some of you already know, I live alone and I take care of myself so I think I meet the requirements to be considered as mature.

    Another reason could be that I used to run a community 6-7 years ago. I know how to act to make people happy and give them the feelings to play on servers every day.

    7) Have you gained experience as an administrator before ?

    I gained some administrative experience before.

    My first experience was that community in which I was an owner.
    Then, I acquired a lot of experiences by being an admin in Dream Community a few months ago. In my opinion, an administrator needs to know the people, the rules and the other admins. This is what I’m trying to do in every community I went. This is what every experience I had meant to me.

    8.) When do you play ?

    It really depends of the kind of period (holidays / universities) so I’m going to give an estimation for each kind of period.

    Holidays :

    • Every day : I can play for all days if I have nothing else to do.

    Universities :

    • Week days : Mostly after 19:00 h and I would stop at 23:00 h but it can vary.
    • Week end : I can play for all days if I have nothing else to do.

    9) User 1 calls user 2 a "cunt" and proceeds to insult him further - what actions would you take ?

    To deal with that, I must know if they are friends first.

    Then, two cases are possible :

    They are friends :

    I usually ask them to stop saying that on servers and I ask them to keep that in private on TS3/Discord/….

    They are not friends :

    I tried first to tell them to stop and solve that in private. If both users don’t stop insulting each other then I need to take actions. It would be a warning first especially if the users are new to the servers.
    But in the other case, I would take directly an appropriate action. When I’m talking about an appropriate actions, it would be a slay, mute, gag…
    Then, if it doesn’t stop, I would have to take it one step further by kicking them. A ban would be applied only if necessary like for the people who have already multiples bans or people who doesn’t seems to care at all.

    10) Strengths

    • Old: In the way that I’m an adult so I know how some young people thinks because I’ve been there.
    • Kind : Always ready to talk/discuss before taking any actions
    • Nice : I’m trying to stay nice all the times
    • Serious : I try to be serious when I need to act and especially when I need to take important decisions
    • Available: You can talk to me whenever you want on Teamspeak or in game.
    • Atmosphere: Keep a good atmosphere on servers is important for me.
    • Motivated: I’m motivated especially when it comes to change / work on stuff.

    11) Weaknesses

    • English: Well sometimes, my pronunciation is not that good but it’s just related to the fact that as most of the people: it’s not my first language.
    • Feelings: I made some mistakes by deciding by feelings in the past but I will do whatever I can to not make that happen again.

    12) Why are you applying again ?

    I’m applying again because I feel like I gave up, thing I never do usually so it gives me more motivation to try to apply again.

    There is an another reason, the day I left, @Nachtfrische told me that the reasons I gave him was the reasons to keep him going with what he is doing.

    After thinking a lot about that, I found that he was right so I recognized my mistakes and I decided to change so thank you for that @Nachtfrische. This time off gave me a lot of questions I had to answer for myself and it improves me in a way.

    13) Why do you think you can be an administrator again ?

    There is a little story behind that. After I left, I tried to open a few servers for myself and make a new community like before when I was an owner. But, after some days, I wasn’t feeling good because I was slowly becoming someone I didn’t want to become: a traitor and a backstabber. Then I decided to stop everything and try to regain the trust of Dream Community because I have a lot of friends I didn’t want to loose and I know that a lot of people are supporting me so I don't want to deceive them. This is why I start to be very active again. I’m trying to have a role in the community by helping people the most I can and by trying to develop plugins that the admin team needs. I decided to read all the admin meetings in order to know what they decided and what they need and that way, I can try to develop their ideas into plugins.

    14) You have some close friends who act or acted in a bad way, would you take the appropriate actions if needed ?

    I agree with the fact that I support at 100 % my friends. However, that doesn’t mean they would have my protection or anything on servers.
    If I need to take an action against them, the action will be taken no matter what.
    An admin needs to be fair and neutral in his actions so I would do whatever is necessary against them even if it means to ban them permanently.

    15) Conclusion / Closing remark

    In conclusion,

    Thanks Dream Community for giving me a lot of nice people and friends to talk to. I’m spending great times playing with you people.
    Thanks to all the people who are supporting me everyday.
    Thanks for taking time to read this application and remember, every criticism is appreciated so don't hesitate to comment.

    Gift for @Abendstille who likes to be mentioned <3

  • I like it just like the last one. I know who you are and HOW you are as an admin and person and I can say for a fact like you said others do aswell cause you have a great personality. You can provide much for the community such as plugings and coding that I know are and would be really good to have and ofcourse wouldn't ruin the base of Dream. Not gonna say more or less about it.

    And yeah ofcourse I'm gonna say Yes cause I know of a good guy you are.

    "Time for roast"

    I think I am mature. I am 20 years old so my behavior changed a lot since I’m not 15 anymore and I know that I need to act as an adult

    @laduck :kappa

  • 11) Weaknesses

    English: Well sometimes, my pronunciation is not that good but it’s just related to the fact that as most of the people: it’s not my first language.

    French accent :D its ok, not ur fault :D:D:D

    Yes from me.

    aXaX. 日本 - CSGO Knife -->
    Dont't Worry, Be happy.

  • Hello Luckyris,

    youre a nice guy and i like to play with you! Your behavoiour on the server is very good and you always try to support people. I like how you act with people and their problems, and i hope you will get a chance again!


  • @Luckiris

    Finally you wrote your application. He is really supportive and try to help each of the community. I play with him every day and talk with him on Teamspeak. Its behavior on all servers is better than that of anyone else. He is a really nice, sympathetic guy. His efforts towards us are really great. He spends a lot of time with WHAT, Oxygen and Me. I can only say that he deserves it more than some other Admins.

    From me the biggest YES you ever seen!

    Danke Marcel Davis von 1&1!


  • Chello Luckiris,

    first of all, I really like your application and I think that it's a good decision you made to apply to be admin again.
    I think you're a great, funny and helpful person and that you would be a good addition to the admin team.

    In my opinion you made a fantastic job when you were admin before and I'm concerned that you will do it just as good, if you'd get back to the team.
    I was really shocked when I read that you'd leave the team, but the happier I am to see you wanting to go back.

    Good luck with your application (well it's going pretty good so far i guess) and yes from me.

    Ps. Sacrebleu

  • Hello Luckiris,

    Your application looks realy good and i cant realy say anything negativ against you, you are an realy nice guy, funny and helpful so from my side I can just give you a big Yes!

    Member since June 2012

    Test-Admin: 03/07/2016 - 23/09/2016
    Admin: 23/09/2016 - 10/11/2018

  • He has been admin before everybody who answered so far and he left because he wanted not because he was kicked so I don't see any reason why the hell not

    P.S. but try not to be driven by emotions that much, you know what I mean

  • hello @Luckiris

    i read your whole application and i can see that you put a lot of time on that and your application looks pretty good to be honest.
    i gonna give you some pros and cons and then a final answer to your application.
    I will be fair and honest through this whole thread and I will try to not miss any point so this will be a long respond to you.
    I hope you don't get offended by the stuff that I say these are all my point of views, without wasting time let's get into it.

    • PROS :

    1. your English is pretty good , definitely better than mine i don't know why that is on your weaknesses in your application because I think you're English it's pretty solid.

    2. you are active on forum, Ts3 and gaming-servers and you got a lot of Stamm points which is great it basically means you got a lot of experience and knowledge on our servers

    3. when it comes to PC and software you got a lot of knowledge about it which is not something that everyone have , you have the ability to create plugins that can help us make some stuff better in the community, and I always appreciate stuff like this and I think this is one of the great's Strengths that you have .

    4. a lot of people in this community like and Trust you because they have seen your good site which is also great

    5. you have been suggesting some maps and plugins lately which is very nice of you and a plus from me

    6. your application looks great

    • CONS :

    i had a lot to say about your pros but there is also a lot to say about cons too when it comes to you .

    1. Two-Face_two-behavior

    you have a condition or better say depression problem .
    you are not always hardly depressed but when you get to that mood, your behavior get a 360 turn .
    you will just get super rude and disrespectful , when your on that condition you don't say much but when you say something it will make someone feel bad .
    and you insult and rage a lot when you're on that mood as well .
    or when you were a admin and you were on that mood you were not nice to players at all and you were being mean to everyone which it wasn't acceptable for a admin .
    I can remember the times that me and WHAT were trying to calm you down when you were on that condition it wasn't easy though you were keep on saying the community sucks and how you want to leave because nothing is changing and everything is s*** , you were influencing us as well but me and what were always trying to calm you down and make you feel batter, we didn't let anyone else to talk with you because we didn't want them to see that site from you and we would always try to keep you away from the servers but not always we could make it happen.
    and you really get a lot of potential to admin abuse when you're on that kind of mood but you are not always like that, when you're normal everything is just the other way from the stuff that i said here .

    2. loyalty

    you are not loyal to the community, only because you have been playing a lot and suggested some stuff that doesn't mean you are loyal to us.
    you have been influencing players to leave the community before many times which is super bad , you created your own community and you made some of the players who have been playing on dream your admin and your co-owner which is literally stealing players from us or as you said backstabbing us , you even offered one of our very old player who have even been a admin here before but got kick to be your head-admin if he join your community but he didn't expect it though shout out to him .
    it happened many time that we were on ts3 together and you were talking crap about anything related to this community From owner up to servers , and basically just influencing us your opinions, and I ask you a important question why wouldn't you just leave then ?
    you really couldn't answer that though

    or when one of your friends got to a problem on the community because he did something wrong but you still protector him and made a mess on forum when you know ed that your friend is on the wrong site.
    and you disrespect the decision of our staff members because it was against your friend, how can you guarantee us that you will not do the same if they do something wrong on the server when you are the admin on the server, and you need to make the right decision ?
    you said on your application
    "support at 100 % my friends. However, that doesn’t mean they would have my protection or anything on servers"
    I don't really know if you gonna stand with this after all the stuff you have done before for your friends .
    the times that you weren't a admin and you were not able to join back you used to talk crap about servers/owner/staff member/Germans on our server which wasn't acceptable from me and I told you never do it when I'm on the server neither when I'm not, as a warning, you're not doing it lately because you have a hope to come back to the admin team, but would you do the same if your application gets rejected ?

    Closing remark :

    after everything i said about you in a negative way , i still can't unsee the positive stuff and the pros that I mentioned about you, and the fact that my first application got rejected too because I wasn't mature enough at the time and I begged for likes, but i improved myself and come back and made it here, only because of these two things I can't give you a NO neither I can give you a YES because of the strong cons that you have .
    only thing i could do is writing this whole thing and trust the decision that is going to be made by @wickedy and @Nachtfrische at 100%

    I wish you the best of luck I really do and you know that you can always ask for help if you need to do from me, maybe we can't be close friends because of some stuff and some other people, but that doesn't mean I can't help you if you need it.

    best regards

  • Hello.
    I have known this French Baguette (Luckiris) for about a year, and especially now, when I talk to him on team speak I have understood that he would be a really nice admin, just like he was. He is one of my favourite Dream players and I really think that he should be an Admin in Dream servers.
    P.S. This French Baguette is super handsome in real life (way more handsome than WHAT. :*:D
    *Hugs* and *Kisses*

  • You are a nice and kind person if u have a good day but i also have to say that the "two-behavior" point it totally true. I can remember some situations where u acting like that, because u got mad for some reason.

    But im neutral. :)