liquentin's ban

  • Hi! Recently I (Kryx) got banned for a week because I insulted another player. A few days after me and Supermun (liquentin) decided to play a competitive match, but my rank wasn't high enough. So he lent me his account liquentin, after this competitive match I tried joining dream just for fun, I did not think about that I was banned on my main account so I joined the server and left quickly because Supermun told me to, and that he would get mad. The day after, he went on his account liquentin and found out that he is perma banned from the server. So is there any chance he can get unbanned?

  • yes there is, I will look forward to get the account unbann because is obviously not you (i personally know liquentin). do not try something like this again next time I can't help you if you use a another knife server player account and join our server.

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  • The only people that can unban that account are Super-Admins and higher, also what's the guarantee that you will not play on the account named "liquentin"?

    For me the unban can be removed but we need to be sure that you will not use that account to play on Dream but rather Supermun keeps it to himself so no more stuff like this happen,

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  • @Kryx
    the account for liquentin has been successfully unbanned.
    if you do the same and join with his account again with your Pc, liquentin account will get automatically banned again but next time there will be no removing the ban.

    best regards

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