• Introduction:

    Hello everyone, my name is Andrew, aka Doo Doo and I would like to re-apply to become an admin on the Dream community knife server. For those of you that do not know, I have been an admin before on Dream (Admin+), however, I left due to personal reasons.:nothing-to-say With the time that I was gone, I have matured and now, I am more than ready to take the responsibility.

    Q0 – Do I meet the requirements?

    To begin with, the first requirement is that I must be at least 16 years old. Embarrassingly, when I first applied, I did lie but I assure you now that I am at least 16 years old. My activity in the community will resume back to what It used to be, active on TS3 and the forum alike, and definitely accumulating more Stamm points than I have now (rank 6 at 35,251).:| I own a headset that hopefully transmits my fluent English voice as well as my poor attempt to speak German.^^

    Additionally, assertiveness has never been a problem. I can handle situations with tranquility and control, often resolving issues independently and efficiently. On the other hand, my level of maturity can be argued due to my age but I can maintain a sensible fashion when presented with serious situations. Whilst talking and playing with other people on the server, a comical style of language would be predominantly used. However, when it comes to it, I am able to transition to a more pragmatic tone. As often as I enjoy making jokes with other admins or players alike, I have and always will maintain a level of deep respect for everyone. My loyalty can be questioned due to the time I took off from Dream but I assure you that all I did in the meantime was try-hard in matchmaking (grinding and training hard to ultimately end up de-ranking to GNM).:cursing

    Q1 – What is your real name? Real and in-game.

    My real name is Andrew and my in-game name is and always has been Doo Doo.:thumbup

    Q2 – How old are you?

    Born on the 18th of March 2001, I am 16 years old. Soon to become 17. I understand that this is still a young age but I hope that everyone is open-minded as to the fact that maturity does not entirely correlate with age.:)

    Q3 – Why do you want to join our administrative team?

    Although there are a plentiful number of admins now on the team, especially having power on the knife server, I would say that my activity on the knife server can be hard to rival. Basically online all day, with half a dozen of bottled water and pot noodles, I am sure to be in presence when issues arise. In addition, being extremely active also brings along the fact that I am able to suggest new innovative ideas, helping to improve the server and able to report bugs if they emerge. Also, having somewhat of a reputation on the knife server, I am expected, to a certain degree, to be a role model to new and existing players. Therefore, attaining powers to punish those who do not follow the rules will make sure the server will remain fair and fun at all times.

    Q4 – How long have you been playing on our servers?

    Almost too long. Although my hours are not spread evenly across all servers, due to it mostly being condensed in the knife server, I do believe I have a lot of cumulative hours on all the servers. If each Stamm point amounts to a single minute of game play, then I would have played at least for 540 hours on the knife server alone.:thinking

    Q5 – What are your favourite hobbies or pastimes?

    Persistent mountain climber, professional swimmer, champion speed stacker and going to the gym are all examples of hobbies I wish I actually do.:tear Quite simply, I just enjoy listening to music, relaxing and socialising with people both online and in real life. Actually, when it comes to being asked what my favourite hobbies are, reading books seems to come to mind (autobiographies – Alan Sugar “What you see is what you get” is my recommendation).

    Q6 – Do you think of yourself as mature?

    Being the youngest child in the family, I have always been around older people. Even during my time gaming, I have always stepped away from hysterical kid humour of “Your mum” jokes and approached friends that I can relate to a more intellectual level. Again, I would like to reiterate that my age does not account for my maturity as I personally believe that maturity comes with experience. I have always had a more mature approach to things, especially in school. For example, I have been prefect and Head Boy at my old school.

    Q7 – Have you gained experience as an administrator before?

    Of course. I have shown examples of carrying out administrative jobs before (see my first application - (My Test-Admin Applicaiton). After being accepted as an Dream admin, I have been generally the sole admin on the knife server (due to the lack of active admins at the time being). From this, I gained a lot of experience as to the roles an admin fulfills and the correct, pragmatic approach to dealing with certain situations.

    Q8 - When do you play? (timetable of your average week)

    As now I attend college, I have a more flexible timetable. However, take in mind that from time to time, I do need to be revising and studying. As for the timetable, here you go. (Note that the times are according to my time zone – GMT)








    After 18:00

    After 15:00

    After 18:00

    After 15:00

    After 21:00

    After 21:00

    After 13:00

    Q9 – User 1 calls User 2 a “cunt” and proceeds to insult him further – what actions would you take?

    Of course, insulting is against the rules as it is disrespecting other players. However, if they are simply friends and they are just joking around, then I would allow it, excessive amounts of insults would however lead to a warning. However, if it’s serious, then I would mute User 1 for 5 minutes. If User 1 then decides to proceed to insult User 2 further, then a ban of an hour would be issued. Hopefully, this would allow User 1 to calm down.:saint

    Q10 – What are your strengths?

    My strengths would be that I have a lot of experience in carrying out the admin role. Thanks to the unreal amount of time I have spent on the knife server, I am familiarised with the rules (even the new ones like AFK camping), which means that I can accurately detect whether they are being broken or not. Also, as I have mentioned above, I am able to come up with new ideas as to how we can improve the knife server and as I hopefully progress further up the ranks, improve the general experience of playing on Dream.:D

    Q11 – What are your weaknesses?

    Unfortunately, my main weakness would be that I cannot speak German fluently. This limits me to being able to only mainly dealing with situations in English which I can understand it would not be ideal for some people in the community, however, I will try my best to communicate my idea across.:)

    Conclusion/Closing Remark:

    All in all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my application. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, this has given you a new or refreshed insight as to who I am. Dream has given me the chance to become an admin before, why not now?:thinking

    Thank you,

    Andrew, AKA Doo Doo :D

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  • I'm gonna be completely honest, this was shit..


    No really, this was one of the most constructive and good looking (also kinda funny) application I seen in a while.

    I known you for a long time, but haven't talked to you in about one year:tear

    but you're back and happy as you ever can be!

    You're very active on ts3, forum and ingame as I can say for myself which is active on all of those even in school (don't do that)

    You're nice but also fair, people enjoy your company (compared to me huehue:saint)

    I can't say much, well I can but there is just too much tbh, I'm gonna give you a YES instead of being NEUTRAL like SOMEONE was on my application...:thinkinghard

    Ending with my emotions getting hurt again, I say good luck on your re-application!!!

  • I like Doo Doos they are cute :kappa

    A good application and it's a plus point for you that you was already an administrator.

    But in fact I say nothing cause I don't who you are ( never played with you or heard your name in the past).

    But at least Good Luck :thumbup

  • I don't have a lot to say here,

    I know this guys since like 2016 and he supported me the first time I became a test-admin and was always kind and nice to me also being always chilled also you're always fair to players and treated them with respect ( even if they did not deserve it )

    Also you have brought onto the knife server some cool minigames ( Introducing the 35hp knife gamemodes! )

    From me nothing but a YES my man, wish you luck in this application and hope to see you in the admin team.

    Dream Knife Player Since 2016

    liebe Grüße OxygeN


  • Hello Doo Doo , nice to see you again.

    My opinion will be short because I don't really have that much to say to this legend of knife server.

    About your application, everything seems fine to me. Nothing to add except that I prefer the precedent one with the seperations in colors.

    About you, well, I respect you a lot for the work you've done before and I don't see any problems with you on servers. You know the rules and you try to inforce them when needed which was my behaviour before too.

    From me, a YES because I don't see any reasons to say no.

  • hello Doo Doo  

    I will be completely fair on this thread and I will not bring our stuff into this as it has nothing to do with your OVERALL maturity.

    • your activity on knife/ts3 is good I see you most of the time I been there.
    • you are nice to the players on knife server and I also think they like you even if they are new and don't know you.
    • you act/behave maturely on the server.
    • you did your job really good when you were an admin before.
    • your English is really good.

    It is a 100% Yes from my side, you did your job more than good when you were an admin before and I believe you will do the same this time around as well.

    so about you lying about your age, I don't really think it was a right thing to do but I'm still glad you did that because you have shown us that maturity does not come with age and in fact, you help knife-server/Dream-community a lot back in the day, best of luck in your application.

    best regards

  • Hello Doo Doo ,

    I'm very surprised seeing an application from you.

    However, the decision of allowing you to get back into the admin team is a very simple one.

    First of all, I knew about your age since you've told me a while after you became admin and I was taken aback because you were more mature with 15 than some of our other admins at the time who were much older. Second, you were the most active player on Knife until you left, so you have a lot of experience on the server. Your application is also very good, I can see that you actually put thought into it, which is how it should be.

    The only thing I can criticize about your application is the fact that you've only started playing again 4 days ago, which is not a long time. Despite that, I think that you'll stay active so that shouldn't really pose a problem.

    Therefore, I would invite you to an "interview" tomorrow at 8pm (GMT +1). It's not really an interview and more of me bringing you up to date on some stuff.

    PS: Oxygen and Doo Doo are knife admins again? Truly the dankest timeline.

  • Mason Thank you for being so considerate. Your feedback is very much appreciated :)

    Craex Thank you!:)

    ***CS*** I'm usually in WHAT's room. Hopefully we can speak one day but thank you for the reply.:rote-backen

    Saitama You already know! :D

    Nachtfrische Many thanks for your commendation regarding my maturity and activity. I assure you that this isn't a short term proposal as I have thought about this and those 4 days I've realised the nostalgia Dream gives me whilst playing on the servers. :rote-backen2

    I would be more than happy to attend the 'interview' tomorrow.

    P.S. Very dank.

  • Hey Doo Doo ,

    we've talked for a few hours about what the job of an admin is and how you can accomplish a better atmosphere on the server. It was very interesting to hear your thoughts and this matter. We've also talked about some other stuff and my confidence in you grew the longer we talked.

    For me, you are one of the best Knife admins we've ever had and therefore I'm very happy to have you back in our team.

    Because you were an Admin+ before and you left the server (and CS:GO basically) for personal reasons unrelated to Dream, there is no need to have you go through a Test-Admin phase. You were not kicked and therefore you don't have to prove that you are capable of doing a good job. Since you left on your own, so there is no reason to doubt your abilities.

    Congratulations and welcome back!