firehellrain's application for staff <3

  • Introduction:

    Hi there! My name is Pablo Ruiz-Cruces Fernández-Vázquez (yeah, that is a big surname). I am from Spain, and I am very excited to apply for this awesome community! :D

    Q0 – Do I meet the requirements?

    I have 16 years old, and I'll be 17 this 25th May :3. I am regularly connected to the knife server, practically some hours every day. I don't use a lot teamspeak 'cause I normally speak in-game voice, but I have been around there a couple of times tho. I am really close to getting to Gold stamm rank in Knife server. (around 4375, missing 625 to Gold). I've got a very good headset, and in case it broke I have a nice microphone to speak through it. ^^ I can speak a really fluent and stylish English, tho I have almost no knowledge about german :c

    If I had to describe myself with an adjective, it would be patient. I can face any situation as an administrator with maturity, fast and fairly. If a punishment must be given, there is no salvation. I normally speak in a very formal way, although sometimes I speak more friendly. Never to speak in a silly way when attending a report, as my voice can be similar to a 18 to 20 years old men. Respect is always a very important thing. Even if a person is insulting or harrassing me, I will speak to them with respect. The problem comes when they insult a friend of mine, then it's a bit hard for me to control my temperance. I am very loyal to the community, although I've been 2 years since I haven't played in it. (I've been playing almost for 2 months now :3)

    Q1 – What is your real name? Real and in-game.

    My real name is Pablo and I am better known as firehellrain in-game :3

    Q2 – How old are you?

    I was born the 25th May 2001, so I am 16 years old. 3 months left for 17. Yeah, 16-17 might be young, yet that isn't related directly with maturity levels.

    Q3 – Why do you want to join our administrative team?

    I've already helped the community with a donation, yet that doesn't mean anything to me. As I will explain later on, I used to play in 2016. I loved the server, I played a lot with Doo Doo. Then, I dissapeared. 2 years later, I am back to find that the community has grown bigger, with new users and new people to meet! I want to join the team because appart from having many friends in the staff and having access to the in-game shop (jk <3), I will be able to help the community. I already play 3 to 4 hours daily to the knife server. It isn't an issue for me to help the users at the same time I play. I even want to help them. Helping people is very good, and if I can do it, i'll do it whatever it takes.

    Q4 – How long have you been playing on our servers?

    I have around 617 hours in Counter-Strike:GO. Perfectly, 300 hours could have been played in the Knife server. I used to play in 2016, with Doo Doo, Holly Molly and many other users. Nowadays, I'm playing around 3 to 4 hours every day I can. Even more during the weekends.

    Q5 – What are your favourite hobbies or pastimes?

    I want to study Informatics Engineering when I get to university in 2 years. Yet, I spend my time learning to code and playing videogames. I have a Garry's Mod server which I programmed with a friend, and I've been learning some more cool stuff! Also, I enjoy playing basketball and, not so much, hanging out with friends. I've never tried drugs, alcohol or any substances that could kill me, and I will probably never do, so you won't have issues with me being drunk or anything ;)

    Q6 – Do you think of yourself as mature?

    I'll be honest with you guys without bragging about myself. I have a high IQ, and I am emotionally gifted. This makes me be able to understand from a young age child to an elderly person. I am very mature for my age, and I have all my ideas well-known. And, I am very stubborn, so if I want something or I think something, I won't probably change my opinion about it.

    Q7 – Have you gained experience as an administrator before?

    Well, I've been administrator in many Garry's Mod servers (TTT, Roleplay Servers and other FPS gamemodes), I own a community in Garry's Mod roleplay servers. I know what it is like to hard-work for a community, and I am very organised and cold-minded for that.

    Q8 - When do you play? (timetable of your average week)

    I am in College from 9:00 AM CET, to 3 CET monday and tuesday, and to 5 CET in Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Somedays I have with a personal teacher to give another look to what I saw that day in that lesson, so my Timetable would be like this: (ALL IN CET)








    16:00-19:00, 21:00 - 23:00

    After 18:00 up to 23:00

    After 18:00 up to 23:00

    After 16:00 to 23:00

    After 18:00 to 23:30

    After 10:00 to 23:30

    After 10:00 to 23:30

    This timetable may change depending if I meet with friends of if my teacher comes another day.

    Q9 – User 1 calls User 2 a “cunt” and proceeds to insult him further – what actions would you take?

    Depending on the situation. Insulting is always against the rules with almost no exceptions. However, maybe they are just friends messing around. Let's say they are not. I would probably mute the User 1 for 5 to 10 minutes. If User 1 insults User 2 further, I would issue 1 hour ban with a link to the rules in the community forums. If after the hour User 1 comes back again and insults him again, I would ban him 24 hours. They must take seriously our warns.

    Q10 – What are your strengths?

    I've been through many situations as an admin in Garry's Mod, so I think I could manage to overtake any possible report in the community. Also, my patience allows me to treat with russian screaming kids without losing my mind. I am also very friendly with everyone no matter their pitch, their ideas or their opinions. And I can sing and rap like a god <3 :cool

    Q11 – What are your weaknesses?

    Being in school is sometimes a pity, so I can't really spend all the time I would like in the server. But, for example, this week in Spain there is no school, so I will spend around 10 hours daily in the server everyday if I don't play another game. Yet another issue would be that when I have some personal issues I don't work as good as I would like to, and I can get frustrated very easily by a simple mistake.

    Also, my German is non-existant. I can say goodbye and science :thinkinghard

    Conclusion/Closing Remark:

    There isn't much more to say. I wish you can read this app without getting bored or thinking that you've lost your time and I wish you can accept me in the Dream Team, as I would start working as soon as I got the administrative rank in the server. Thank you guys for reading and see you knifing around ;)

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Hello firehellrain :3

    It's nice to see you post a application to support the Dream Admin team,

    The application for me is good but there are some downfalls, before on server you were doing some weird noises when I once joined and I asked you to stop which you did it's a positive from me to you but still these weird noises did not have to happen.

    But it's a No from my side.

    you might ask why that's just because I never ever see you on TeamSpeak 3 server and you don't have 500 required forum points.

    -> Eine Mindestanzahl von 500 Aktivitätspunkten im Forum ist Pflicht

    Also you said "I can get frustrated very easily by a simple mistake." this is not something we can allow Test-admin or supporters to get frustrated about.

    Also your bans are bit too harsh.

  • Thanks for your feedback OxygeN

    It's because I created the account minutes ago as I discovered how to create it minutes ago xD I even need the donator rank in the forum as I didn't create it before. Yet, I understand your point. And you only have to tell me not to do the sound again and I won't do it again. ^^

    Also, as soon as you tell me to use teamspeak I'll be there 24/7 if people need me there. That isn't an issue for me. ^^

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

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  • If this is a adin-application: I dont know how much stamm-points you have on the server you want to administrate, statistics only go back to feb 18 if i check your account. But you will have to gain more active on forums and on teamspeak if you want to become an admin.


    Aktiv in allen Bereichen der Community (Gameserver, TS3, Forum)
    -> Eine Mindestanzahl von 500 Aktivitätspunkten im Forum ist Pflicht
    -> Eine Mindestanzahl von 3000 Stammpunkten auf dem Gameserver ist Pflicht
    -> Solltet ihr euch für den Jail- oder TTT-Server bewerben, müsst ihr mindestens 5000 Stammpunkte vorweisen können

    That says that you need 500 Points on Forum and at least 3k stamm point on server. And you have to be active in all sections.

    So if this is admin-application, i will have to give you a no because you simply dont meet the requirements.

    If this is a supporter-application: Mhh, why not. saw you playing on TTT today, you seemed to be friendly. I cant say anything according to your behaviour in knife server, but you seem to be very active there.

    Give him a 3

  • Wäre das nicht sinnvoller wenn du das englische zitierst hättest? :thinkinghard


    Now to your application cuz Mike will delete this if I don't write anything about your application :D

    In fact I like your application but I miss some colors for example. :)

    And I don't know you so I'm neutral <3

  • Thanks Manatee and Xlaer for your feedback.

    I already wrote that on the app, but as you asked I have around 4425 stamm points in knife, almost Gold Rank. Though I know I don't meet the Points in the forum as I practically never used it (mainly because it is hard for me not to understand half of the posts as they were in German)

    And as I said before, I can connect teamspeak at anytime I am online, that's not an issue for me. I am "never at teamspeak" because I don't normally find somebody to speak with appart from the admins, as I speak normally in the in-game voice chat.

    Despite of my missing requirements, I would love administrating on the servers and I will start working on my activity both in forum and in teamspeak ASAP. (I am already trying to tho)

    Again thanks for your opinion! <3 (Hope you like the colors Xlaer )

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

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  • Hello firehellrain,

    As an old friend, I know you relatively well but this response won't be biased whatsoever.

    Here are the pros:

    • You are definitely active on the servers, if you're not on knife, I see you from time to time on minigames or recently TTT.
    • You are mature for your age, i rarely, if not, never see you break rules. However, quite the opposite by trying to implement such rules.
    • You add a positive atmosphere to the knife server. You are somewhat well known and you do well in communicating with others.
    • Your English is well executed, your points being able to communicate across.
    • The application in itself is well written and reflects you quite well. Good job.
    • You seem to have somewhat of a presence in coding and computing. Would you say your knowledge in it is sufficient enough to perhaps aid the server? If so, this could be a huge positive. I'm talking about editing plugins, help produce new features like !nrslay (next round slay, one of the many features thanks to Luckiris ) and construct general innovations.

    The cons:

    • You mention at the beginning, you describe yourself as "patient" and then "emotionally gifted" towards question 4, but then this is all contrasted when you say your weakness is "when I have some personal issues I don't work as good as I would like to, and I can get frustrated very easily by a simple mistake.". As an admin, you have to be emotionally intelligent. Real life/personal matters should NOT affect your judgement on the server.
    • You mention that you own a Garry's Mod community, how can we know that you're fully committed to Dream? If a issue arises with both Dream and your own community, who are you more committed to?
    • As mentioned before by OxygeN and Manatee you do not meet the full requirements. Forum points, especially, is lacking. On the other hand, you did mention you will try improve on this point.
    • "Even if a person is insulting or harrassing me, I will speak to them with respect. The problem comes when they insult a friend of mine, then it's a bit hard for me to control my temperance." This is a cause for concern, you should offer the same fair judgement for each player regardless of who they offend.
    • Your method of punishment in regard to question 9 can possibly be seen as harsh as said by OxygeN . The guidelines is that if a player insults, the following punishment/warning should be issued in the order of: warning --> mute/gag --> kick. Followed by a ban of 1-2 days. However, these guidelines will be presented to you for revision once accepted as part of the Dream Team.

    Therefore, in conclusion, I would be glad to give you a YES. I believe that you'd be a nice and sufficient addition to the team, assuming that you are able to control your emotions whilst on the servers and improve activity on all areas (TS3, Forum and Knife).

  • Thank you Doo Doo for your feedback! <3

    First of all, it depends on the language that is used to program in CS:GO and other things. I may be able to help the server with a basic knowledge on programming, that'd be pretty cool!

    Secondly, my community has a full admin team, so they won't really need me in the server, and there is a second owner who also knows to code so it isn't a problem. There is a higher chance of me leaving the team because of studies than from my Gmod Community, and I think I will still play although my exams. Aaand it's practically impossible that there are issues between my community and Dream because my Community is Spanish-Only and works only in Roleplay Gamemodes, so they are not related in anything.

    The personality aspects, I can work on them and try to control my feelings.

    As soon as I get introduced into the team I'll read everything I can and ask you guys about every punishment that can be given and the amount of hours that must be displayed.

    And yeah, the forum points are killing me xDDDDD

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Hello there firehellrain :3 and yes weird seeing you here cause never seen you on forums but a there is always a first time for everyone.

    The others already said the major things that I should have said but that's what you get when you are lazy.

    You are very active on the knife server, you're friendly and you know how to be an admin with past experience.

    But like I said, I never seen you on forums and this was your first post you ever made which is a red flag instantly.

    And I also barely see you on our ts3, maybe once or twice.

    Sadly I have to say NO but I do wish you good luck with the application, and if it doesn't go well then there are more tries (3 max) and you have maybe shaped up these points.

  • Thanks for your feedback WHAT

    Yeah, it was sad how I started being on the forums... If I had created the account back in 2016 this would've been easier xDDDDD

    I'll have to write the argument again, I never find who to talk with in teamspeak and I don't have a donator room yet... But this days I'm being active on ts (I'm actually right now on it, I've been here for hours) and I'm trying to fix those aspects.


    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • I'm not sure where to start, but to begin with, I really like you as a person becaues you're always nice and positive when you join the server. I think you could be a good admin but sadly right now, you do not meet the requirements so unfortunately, it's a no from my side. I wish you good luck with your application.

    edited by Doo Doo <3

  • Hello firehellrain :3

    I read your application and there is some good/bad points that the others discussed already before me so I will not go through that again.

    For the few occasions I had to speak to you, you seems to be a nice guy this is why I would give you a YES because I believe that you can do a good job as an admin. (I hope that I'm not wrong)

    I would like to have a few insight of what you did in coding so I can see what kind of help you could bring to me if it's possible of course.

  • Thanks for your feedback Luckiris

    Of course, whenever you want we can go into teamspeak and I'll speak to you about my programming knowledge! It would be cool if I could help you guys with that, as it is what I would like working in the future :3


    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • hello there dude

    there is really nothing much to say here anymore as others already mentioned most of it, so I will just give you my P.O.V in the situation you are in right now.

    alright, so I'm not going to bring the argument that you don't meet the requirements as it has been brought here multiple times and you answer it already with that you are working on it, and in fact you are not lying, you have got much more active on the ts3 and you are also trying to communicate and share your thoughts and feedback on forum.

    and as everyone knows this already, you are a really nice and calm dude, and I can trust you with maturity, and you also have a singing talent and people enjoy them self when you sing on the server, not that it has anything to do with your application but why not mention it.

    at the end of the day, the requirements are there to make sure of some stuff related to activity and maturity, even tho you don't have them in the paper, you have it in you so I will go for a Yes on this one because I think you will do a decent job as an admin.

    best of luck in your application


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  • Thanks Skittles for your feedback! :3

    I bet you can't say anything about my personality, I don't know you at all xD

    Yet you can read the comments of other admins and people! That may give you an idea ^^

    And about this:

    But the forum points definitely don't match the minimum needed.

    I'll just leave this here.

    At the end of the day, the requirements are there to make sure of some stuff related to activity and maturity, even tho you don't have them in the paper, you have it in you


    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3