Raven re-application [Knife]

  • Hey. My name is Kyle and I am better well-known as Raven in and around the Dream community. You may remember me as I have previously been an Admin on Dream however I had the rank removed due to inactivity. I would firstly like to start off my application by apologising for taking on the role as an admin and not fulfilling the position in the way I was supposed to. Adding to that I would like to say that I am going to be playing everyday again and I would love to be accepted back into the team and have another chance to help support the server and it's community. So, I'll start off with the application.

    Do I meet the requirements?

    To my own belief, I meet the requirements fully and personally I think other players will support me on this.

    One requirement which you may say I do not meet would be regular activity across the dream community. I would like to include that I have only recently started playing CSGO again so I haven't been on the forums and teamspeak a lot however I am going to be on both everyday from now on.

    Information about me

    As I said above, my name is Kyle and I go by the name 'Raven' throughout my online appearance.

    I am currently 18 years old.

    I live in the United Kingdom and therefore go by the timezone GMT 00:00.

    Why do I want to join Dream's administrative team?

    I have several reasons for why I would like to join the administrative team.

    (1) A lot of players know me and as an admin I believe that I would be shown a great deal of respect by a lot of the community but I know that this is just an assumption and is likely to be untrue however I am prepared to have these sort of obstacles come my way.

    (2) I have great passion for what I do as an adminstrator and always prioritise my role so that other things do not get in the way and distract/take me away from doing my job. I am naturally interested in helping and enjoy making other player's experiences the best they can be.

    (3) I enjoy playing the server and therefore I am more motiviated to help and be online to play and support others. Whether that includes assisting them or just giving them a good experience and play, I enjoy doing it.

    (4) Most of the time, I am able to identify languages from German and English which means I can stop players from talking in languages which they're not supposed to be talking in. As I did German for 3 years in senior school I can easily recognise it and can understand it to some extent.

    (5) I'm not 100% sure of where other staff members are from however as I am from the UK I may be able to play at times when other admins are unavailable to be on. This can benefit the server by having staff member on and active throughout the day to stop cheaters, help players and just generally keep watch of it.

    (6) I have full knowledge of the rules and am able to introduce new and existing players to rules which they do not know of. I can also ensure that the rules are enforced and that all player oblige by them.

    How long have I been playing the Dream servers?

    I have been a memeber of the Dream community since early 2016 and am quite a well-known player to most if not all players. There will of course be players that don't know me but I am not at all shy and can easily make friends with players on the server to gain great respect to up my reputation. As I said previously, I used to be an Admin in the Dream community but I was removed due to inactivity. I can assure you that this won't happen again and if I am ever to be taking time off I will inform whoever it must be. A lot has changed since I was inactive but I have adapted in the past few days and am aware of all new features of the server. During my time as an Admin, I made sure that I done my job correctly and kept the server a clean and great place to be. I passed my Test-admin period and gained my admin role also on the bunnyhop server.


    I currently am on a two year football scholarship course where I am in 3-5 days a week and having training for at least 2 hours a day including matches on Wednesdays. The course envolves me completing coursework every week and I usually get 1-2 assignments weekly. I am studying currently for a BTEC level 3 extended sports deploma. Additionally, I also play football for another team on Tuesdays and Sundays. Due to these I would like to note that I have to complete coursework everyday so I may not be online for that reason. Alongside all this, I enjoy playing CSGO including the Dream servers, competitive and often just mucking around with my friends. Other than the listed hobbies, I do not do much more.

    Do I think myself as mature?

    I believe that I hold a great level of maturity not only in day-to-day life but also online. I make sure that I stay mature at all times by typing and speak without using slang words, swearing and poor grammar. Swearing is different and I try to avoid using it however in the rare cases I will. Maturity is a huge thing and it can be defined in many ways; I would like to say I personally believe that I can be mature in all situations.

    Have I gained administrator experience before?

    I have gained administrator experience before. As I already said, I used to be an admin on Dream and from that experience I gained a huge amount of knowledge. Besides my CSGO experience as an administrator, I have also had experience from other places such as Minecraft servers.

    Timetable of my average week

    (Please not that this is a rough timetable and my availablity may change day to day for reasons such as extra time on my hands, family occasions or if I'm just busy)

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

    User 1 calls user 2 a "cunt" and proceeds to insult him further - what actions would you take?

    In this scenario I would immediately warn User 1 and make them aware that they can't do that and I would ask them why they have done this. Following this if User 1 persists to insult user 2, I would take further action and apply a mute to User 1. If they complete the mute and come back, continuing to insult user 2 and or other players, I would take further action and temporarily ban the player for behaving inapropriately.


    (1) I have good awareness and can see when a player needs help or is breaking the rules.

    (2) I speak English and have some knowledge on German.

    (3) I know and understand all the rules and am able to enfore them.

    (4) I am not at all biased to anyone whether I like/dislike them. All players are equal and I do not use my power to protect anyone I like nor do I use my power to abuse players I dislike.

    (5) I have played the server for a long time and have gained a large amount of respect from other players.

    (6) I have had previous administrative experience on the Dream servers.


    (1) Not fluent on German

    Not able to think of anymore.

    Conclusion / Closing remark

    To finish I would just like to say thank you for reading my application and I hope that you can take my application into consideration even when thinking about the large amount of staff which have now been acquired by Dream. I am happy to recieve any feedback and it will all be appreciated.

    Thanks and hopefully I can prove myself again.

  • Hello Raven ,

    It's nice to see you apply for Test-Admin position at Dream Knife server, I remember being admin with you back then and you were a good guy but in honesty you've just came back to the community and most people don't really know you that well, your application in well structured and I like you as a person overall.

    Just because you came back not long ago I will abstain from giving my result, nevertheless good luck in your application.

  • Hello Raven ,

    It's nice to see you apply for Test-Admin position at Dream Knife server, I remember being admin with you back then and you were a good guy but in honesty you've just came back to the community and most people don't really know you that well, your application in well structured and I like you as a person overall.

    Just because you came back not long ago I will abstain from giving my result, nevertheless good luck in your application.

    Appreciate the honest feedback, thanks Oxygen.

  • Welcome back Raven , long time no see, glad to see you back.

    As always, the pros and cons.


    • Very nice and thoughtful application with limited spelling/grammatical errors.
    • You have past experience and knowledge on the administrative role of Dream.
    • I assume your maturity is good as I have not really seen you acting immature on the servers.


    • You said you would "temporarily ban the player for behaving inapropriately." - how long would this ban be?
    • Your knowledge of the rules can be questionable, in terms of are you aware of the new knife rules? Due to the reconstruction of the whole Admin system, admins now are responsible for each and every server on Dream. Therefore, your knowledge on rules must be concrete clear across all servers.
    • Personally, I feel like you have exaggerated your point in being "well-known" on the servers. You have been away for quite some time and perhaps your presence has faded. Also, through the limited amount of time you and I was on the server, I didn't really see you interacting with the players that much. Nevertheless, this could just be a short-term issue and just be part of a normal getting back routine.

    Check post below for updated judgement.

    P.S. Both OxygeN and I are from the UK :D

    Good luck in your application,

    Doo Doo

  • Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback Doo Doo. In hindsight I did exaggerate that I'm well known but what made me determine that was due to the amount of people I have seen that played when I did. Also with the rules, I will be sure to go over all across every server now, thank you.

    You said you would "temporarily ban the player for behaving inapropriately." - how long would this ban be?

    Answering this question, I heard that there are new guidelines for staff members so I would follow them however if I was to say my opinion, personally I would give a day ban.

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  • Hello Raven . This came as an happy surprise for him actually haha.

    Your application looks really good, good structure and you explained yourself from last time and now if this gets approved I hope for an improvements from you as well on your activeness.

    Last time you did a real good job as an admin, even when you weren't an admin and I had to tell you haha. You didn't abuse any of your rights before nor after.

    The thing I'm disappointed with is that you JUST came back. Which was a surprise for me. And for that I can't really say Yes, nor can I say No, cause you aren't lacking anything else except that you need to be active fully on servers, ts3 and forums. So I remain NEUTRAL so for that I say good luck with your application and I hope I see you more of you a little bit everywhere!

  • Thank you Hampus. I appreciate the positive and honest response. I would like to add that you will definitely be seeing me everywhere and I will for sure be very active.

  • Thank you for providing your honest opinion. Much appreciated :D

  • Hey Raven

    Nice to see you back on our servers again. I read your application and I have to say it's a good one for me.

    I have nothing to say against you because last time you were admin, you were doing a good job and no one ever complained about your decision or your behaviour as far as I remember. You were kicked out for inactivity last time. I hope that if you are accepted, it will not happen again.

    In conclusion, I give you a YES because I see no reasons why you should not have another chance to be an admin again.

  • hello, there Raven

    alright, let's start with this, YES, you were one of my favorite admin back in the day with Doo Doo, both of you guys did a great job in handling the server and bringing positivity on the server.

    and yes I know this was a short one but I don't really have anything to say here, your application was really good and you as a person, super fun to play with and also really calm and collected dude.

    only thing I can give you as a tip is if you have got to be a staff member, here again, just don't end it like last time, at least give us a warning when you are planning to leave or being inactive.

    best of luck in your application


  • Thank you Mas0n and Luckiris ,

    The support is much appreciated. I want to play and help the server again, and as you said Mason, I will notify everyone if I was to leave the way I did last time but I can assure you that it won't be happening.

  • Hello Raven,

    Quite some time has passed since you've made your application and my response was posted. My original judgement was a YES because I simply assumed that you will resume the same activity and connection you had before whilst being admin.

    However, your activity on the server now is way too little in my opinion to become an admin. Perhaps, by coincidence, you're active during the times I'm not but the player analytics suggested you have played around 9 hours in the past week, which does not reflect the timetable you provided whatsoever. Nevertheless, when you're on the server, I feel like your integration and communication with the other players is very low and all in all, feels like you lost the drive to benefit generously for Dream.

    I see you now as a casual player that comes on knife every now and then and, for now, not fit for an administrative role.

    Therefore my judgement is a NO.

  • I was thinking about making a similar post and adjust my response to you regarding your activity right now, and I have to say I agree with every point Doo Doo made, I really don't see any motivation in you, even tho I really like you as a person and I still stand with what I said about your personality, but I have to change my YES to a No, because of your current condition, hope you understand the reason behind the change to my response.

    Best regards


  • I had to move my other decision to a trash, I agree with what Mas0n and Doo Doo .

    You're basically inactive dude.... too much inactive, when I said yes I hoped your activity will raise but this was not the case basically slightly disappointed me because I've expected much from you but looks like too much.

    Even tho what Mason and doo doo said, I'll stay neutral

  • I’ll be honest with you. My PC hasn’t been working for the past 3/4 days and I even told Luckiris , WHAT and OxygeN this yesterday in teamspeak. I was on the server last night on my school laptop and I had been downloading the whole day yesterday. I played on 10-20 frames but it is literally unbearable. I’ve had contact with the manufacturer and they have suggested several solutions which didn’t work. I also spoke to microsoft technical support to try and resolve the issue but they can’t help with the solution unless I pay £95. I’m currently, at my cousins house andhe is try a lot of things to fix it as he knows a lot about computers.

    I want to earn trust in my activity and that you all know that I will be online but that is impossible to do when I can’t even play. I probably should have said this to someone previously but I apologise. If I didn’t have this issue then believe me, I would be on constantly.

    - Raven