Baka’s Knife Server Test-Admin application

  • Dear Dream community,

    Hello, I’m an active player on the Dream 35hp knife server and I would like to apply to join the admin team. Unfortunately, I am dyslexic so I requested Doo Doo to help me type up this application.

    1. Yes, I do meet the requirements. I am at least 16 years old; I’m active on all three platforms (TS3, servers and the forums); I have above 17000 Stamm points; I own a pair of headphones and use my studio microphone; I don’t speak German, at all, but I would say I’m fluent in English; I can be assertive and mature as well as usually down to Earth by speaking in an appropriate style of language; respect will be given back when respect is due, nonetheless, I can keep it professional when needed and finally, I would say I’m very loyal to the community.
    2. My real name is Oliver and my in-game name is Baka/бдКд.
    3. I am 18 years old.
    4. I am a dedicated and active member of the community and as a person, I believe that there is always room for improvements. This gives me a drive to help make the community as best it can be. Therefore, joining the admin team has always been a thought in my head and now that I have fulfilled the requirements, I would like to give it a shot at becoming one.
    5. I am not 100% sure but I would say that I have been playing for at least two months. Checking on the player analytics, in the past 90 days, I have acquired 269 hours on Dream servers.
    6. To be honest, my main hobby is gaming as it has stuck with my basically throughout my whole life and I can’t really see it leaving anytime soon neither.
    7. I would say that I’m not immature, I don’t say stupid things and in general, I have respect for people around me as I believe that I’m also very sympathetic. Throughout my time on Dream, I think that I haven’t done anything that proves that I’m not mature. For example, I haven’t broken rules purposely, I haven’t got into any fights with admins but arguments have risen every now and then which in my opinion, is a sign of somewhat maturity as you are able to express your own opinion as well as accepting other people’s opinions.
    8. In all fairness, I have not really gained any administrative experience. However, I believe that I possess some administrative qualities mainly because most of my friends are admins, and a lot of qualities that they show whilst doing their admin job, I feel like, would be similar to what I would show. These qualities, for example, fairness whilst enforcing the rules shown by Doo Doo with his general rule of thumb being a warning, slay, kick and then eventually a ban. Also, if let’s say, someone had a complaint against me, I believe that I would be able to handle it maturely. Additionally, I can remain calm in a way that I can remain professional if for example, a player was verbally insulting me.


    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

    15:40-21:00 15:40-21:00 15:40-21:00 15:40-21:00 14:40-1:00 13:00-1:00 13:00-21:00

    10. To begin with, I would ask User 1 politely to be respectful to other players which would be my warning. If the behaviour is continued after the warning, a 10-minute mute would be issued. After that, if continued, a 30-minute mute would then be given to User 1, leading to a ban depending on the severity of the insult.

    11. My activity on the server would definitely be a strong strength of mine, averaging to around 5 hours a day. My English would also be another strength as I am fluent in it. My ambition to make improvements on the server would make me a dedicated, loyal and active admin that often thinks outside the box to introduce new ideas. I would like to say that I have a very sympathetic view to others which allows me to understand different scenarios. My honesty would be another strength as I believe that admins should be honest which allows them to build trust within the community and also build relationships.

    12. My biggest weakness would probably be that I’m dyslexic but I have never let that stop me from reading or writing. For example, by using Google Translate, it helped you read and write as it has the function to translate speech to text, allowing me to make forum posts for example. Another obvious weakness is that I am unable to speak German.

    Thank you to Doo Doo for helping me write this application. He has helped me purely to write this out in text, he has not helped me to write any of the content. This reflects only me as a person, only with better English and writing.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my application and I’m looking forward to seeing your replies.

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  • hello there baka  

    First of all, I'm glad to see you finally apply for an admin, and yeah without further ado let's get to the pro and cons.


    • your activity is super good, you have been playing on the server for like two month now and you already have around 18k Stamm points, and almost everytime I join ts3 I see you in there as well which is great.

    • your personality and your overall maturity are also really good, you are a calm and collected dude, also really fun to play with and joke around, sometimes you do argue about some none importing stuff but overall that does not affect you as a person into my eyes.

    • you know the rules and I haven't seen you break any of them,(and yes you do 2v1 somethings in an accident and also insult here and there, but the same goes for me too) and you are also well known as a player on Knife server.

    • your application was pretty decent, with enough amount of information about you, it wasn't all that long but it doesn't need to be as long as it's good.

    • you are trying to make the community better as a whole with suggestions and feedbacks which you have been showing us in the forum which is also a big plus for me


    • I have really nothing valid to say here, yes maybe that you are dyslexic but I don't really see that as cons for an admin position.

    so as I said that I'm glad to see you make an application for knife server, which is clear now it was for a reason, it's going to be a YES from my side, nothing else to say here then good luck on your application and also keep it up brother.

    Best Regards

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  • Hello, baka

    To begin with, you are a very active knife player, often rivalling me in terms of activity and I've known you long enough to, in my opinion, make a fair judgement.

    Without further ado, here are the pros and cons:

    + High activity - This may be due to you having a lot of free time before and probably sufficient activity now to maintain your high activity.

    + Good sense of maturity - You have no necessarily shown me how you are immature, especially on the server, but actually act the opposite and try to enforce rules.

    + Sympathetic - You often understand every players point of view and respect them to an extent.

    + You meet every requirement, and I hope you will continue to remain active on the forums - I must say, good job on doing it so far regardless of your restrictions.

    + Suggestions - Your multiple suggestions regarding how to improve the server is definitely valid and mostly agreed on and I'm sure you can think of more if given higher responsibility.

    + Past knifing experience - From what I know, you're an experience Knifer who has played on multiple servers so your knowledge of what works on those servers and what doesn't is very beneficial.


    - Emotional control - Every now and then, a split second of uncontrolled temper can be heard on the server if a situation has an adverse effect on you (you got 2 vs 1'd or someone was ladder camping) which should be kept at an utmost minimum/preferably absent.

    - Knowledge of the rules - Sometimes, you may suggest some actions were against the rules but not necessarily, could perhaps lead to unfair judgement and disputes with players but once you're test admin, this should probably not be an issue.

    - Punishments - Your punishment regarding question 10 is rather too soft in my opinion, but again, once you're test admin, the guideline for rule offences will be available to you.

    - Relationships - I have a feeling that you might be a bit lenient, in terms of rule enforcing, to players that you are like and players that you dislike. A fair judgement should be given to all players.

    - Lack of administrative experience - Could possibly mean that you are less proficient at dealing with complaints, perhaps not reaching a fair judgement once confronted but this can only be judged once you're an admin.

    Honestly, the choice wasn't easy nor difficult. I believe that you could become a great admin who can push improvements through if you are able to meet the qualities needed to become an good admin.

    Why not give it a try? Your high activity is definitely pushing me to conclude that my decision is a YES.

    Good luck with your application,

    - Doo Doo

  • I'm gonna remain NEUTRAL cause of the reason I'll keep for myself actually. The application was good (all tho you didn't write it but I hope doodoo wrote word for word) and you're an nice and friendly person as I know for myself.

    I do hope you don't take this personally cause it would be fun seeing you in the admin team. I'm not saying no because there is no reason for me to do so. But sadly I can't say yes.

    (sorry for the late answer)

  • Hello baka

    I haven't known you for a long time, yet I can say you're a very friendly person and if Doo Doo loves you I have to love you too <3. It would've been cool knowing you back in the Good Ol' Dream Knife days where stamm points didn't even exist xD

    Commenting on your application:

    Appart from everything the admins have already said;

    Sadly, Dyslexia is a really big issue, that's true. But it won't really be an issue as an admin. There's a disadvantage which is if someone asks you something in the chat, maybe you're not able to read it at all. This could be a cons against your app.

    On the other hand, I bet you will do a really great job as an admin and I think the admin team will be there to help you with any issues you may find during the job.

    It's a YES for me.

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Hey baka ,

    to make it short, we've decided to give you a chance to prove yourself in an admin interview with me.

    I would suggest we meet tomorrow (13.03) at 9:00 - 9:30pm on our TeamSpeak server to talk about you potentially being a part of the admin team.

    If you are unable to come, please let me know.

    Good luck!

  • Hello baka ,

    we had our interview yesterday and you performed well enough that I've decided to give you a chance to show us what you can do as an Admin.

    You've received your rights already, if you have any questions then please don't hesitate asking me or any other staff member.