Complaint against Doo Doo.

  • 1.) Name of the person you want to complain about. Doo Doo.
    2.) Steam ID of the person? STEAM_1:1:126870249
    3.) What did this person do? I killed a guy legally, no rules broken, then he typed " doo doo easy 2v1 me" then he slayed me with no proof, he was still alive playing, that's easy to say, doo doo that guy 2v1'd me and slay him. That's not fair. You can see the proof.
    4.) On which server has it been? On the 35hp dream.
    5.) Any witnesses etc.? I dont know.
    6.) One-time situation or already occurred several times? I dont know either.
    7.) Are proofs available? (Screenshots, recordings or other)…iledetails/?id=1325253017…iledetails/?id=1325252693

  • Hello easy,

    Thank you for taking the time to write a complaint on the forum. Before my argument, I would like to adjust an error in your complaint. For questions 6, I can confirm that this was a one time thing as it was reported once and I only punished you once for it.

    Now, regarding the main complaint itself. As an admin, it is difficult to keep eyes on everyone on the server. Therefore, trust needs to be built amongst players, especially if there is an admin to player ratio of 1:15. Yourself, being an infamous player for 3 bans, two of which was for 2 Vs 1 - against Blackwe4k, a player with no bans on record, the question of who I will trust is presented. The choice is apparent, being that I would trust Blackwe4k and slay you. Of course, I can abstain from action, however, multiple warnings to everyone on the server was given beforehand, so therefore in my opinion, action needed to be taken.

    The odds are against you even now as you have listed no witnesses that saw you was innocent. Perhaps if you was to talk about it with me on the server, someone at that time could maybe support you. However, even after the slay, nobody commented on it so I assumed my action was just.

    On the other hand, I can see the chance that you perhaps was not breaking the rule and it was a false accusation from the other player, in which case, I apologise.

    I hope this has resolved your complaint, if not, you are free to post your counter-argument or talk to me about it on teamspeak later.

    Thank you for reading,

    Doo Doo

  • first of all, did you really did a complaint against an admin for a slay? I mean I have nothing against that, respect for spending that effort for it I guess.

    and going forward with your complaint, this thread could already be closed in my opinion, you wanna know why? well, there are many reasons why and starting with the first one,

    • you have absolutely no proves, and the screenshot only shows that doo doo has slain you and nothing else, it doesn't show if it was a false slay, or if anything that you are saying is true,

    • and the second reason why I don't see this as a valid complaint is your history and your behavior, you are actually in my 1 month ban list because of your general misbehavior and your previous bans, and also the players complains against you, I was actually talking about you with other admins as well, and they are also aware of your behavior, so it just makes sense for an admin to slay you for a 2v1 because someones else word, so as I already told you on the server, I will repeat myself here for you, your next ban is a 1 month ban, and you might ask why should I bring this here, well because there is no sign of improvement in your behavior and therefor I have absolutely no trust in what you say, and doo doo is actually known for being a fair admin according to our daily basis players so I simply trust doo doo more than you, you just have to understand when you have a behavior like the one you have, people automatically stop trusting you,

    • and the third reason why this is not valid is because it was only a slay, i even slay people and find out later it was a mistake, and say sorry for it, i mean what else can i do, leave the admin team ? we are also humans and we can make mistakes, so even if you are saying the truth, there is nothing i can personally do for you, shit happens dude.

    best regards