Im sorry.

  • 1 )

    Was hast du gemacht?

    -I was bunnyhopping :sad3

    2 )

    Wieso hast du das gemacht?

    -was did it because its in my veins because of 1.6

    3 )

    Was kannst du daran ändern, damit dies nicht mehr vorkommt?

    -I will break out my scroll out of my mouse

    -I really sorry i'll never do it again.

    4 )

    Aus welchem Grund entschuldigst du dich?

    -Ecause i did it despite the warnings

    5 )

    Hast du daraus etwas gelernt?

    -Yes i am.

    6 )

    Schlusswort / Möchtest du noch etwas anmerken?

    -Sorry for my bad English, btw sorry Doo Doo, and Mason. :sad3


  • Hello PURPLE

    It's a very good thing that you apologize in the forums, and that you regret doing something bad.

    However, you can't just do something after many warnings when you have already been advised. It's like if you rob a bank, you get caught and sent to prison and you say "I'm sorry". It's a bit weird xD

    Doo Doo and Mason should be the ones who reply here, just came to give my opinion. Let's see what happens at the end! Good luck :)

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Hello PURPLE ,

    Thank you for taking your time to make this apology. I must say, it's short and you misunderstood some questions. Therefore, I propose the following questions to you:

    What have you actually learnt from this?

    How does breaking this rule create an unfair advantage to you against other players?

    Hopefully this provides you more clarity as to why your ban was issued and perhaps you can sympathise how this would affect other players.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the effort.

    Doo Doo

  • hello PURPLE

    at first reading your apology I was thinking about maybe lifting your ban, but unfortunately that's not going to happen.

    first of all and the most important one, as firehellrain :3 mention this already, you can't just cheat and then be like I'm sorry I will not do it again, for example if you get a VAC ban, you can't just connect a supporter on steam and say the following, it will just not work, and yes I know we are a community and things are different here, but for an unban to take a place you at least have to stay ban for couple of month as it usually works like this here, but regardless, I also don't think you want an unban all that bad and you probably wouldn't stay Faithful to what you promised after a unban as you did not even answer Doo Doo Question and did not put that much effort into your apology.

    The ban will stay.

    Can be closed from my part Nachtfrische   BlackFire   wickedy  

    Best Regards