Team News - 12.03.2018

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    Xlaer hat seine Test-Admin Zeit bestanden

    Als erster Supporter, der zum Test-Admin befördert wurde, hat Xlaer nun seine Test-Admin Zeit erfolgreich bestanden. In seinen zwei Monaten als T-Admin hat er gezeigt, dass er für die Position qualifiziert ist, da es weder Beschwerden noch negatives Feedback zu seinem Verhaltens seitens Spielern und Admins gab. Es gibt keinen Grund, noch länger mit dem Uprank zu warten.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    coldenes wurde als Supporter aufgrund von Inaktivität entfernt
    Hierzu gibt es nicht viel zu sagen, coldenes war seit einem Monat nicht mehr auf den Servern und im Forum. Auch erfolgte seinerseits keine Abmeldung, weder im Forum noch Steam, TS, WhatsApp oder sonst irgendwo. Folglich müssen ihm die Rechte entfernen. Solltest du beschließen, wieder aktiv zu werden und dich erneut als Supporter oder Admin zu bewerben, dann sprich uns bitte vorher an.

    OxygeN did not pass his Test-Admin time

    This is a tough one. I've talked to a lot of admins over the past few days and weeks and got a lot of different opinions of him as an admin. Some were positive, some were negative. I've also talked with BlackFire and we decided to not accept OxygeN into the admin team. It is a very hard decision to make, there are reasons for and against accepting him, but in our opinion, the negatives outweigh the benefits.

    Please keep in mind that it was his third time as a Test-Admin and in his interview with me, he promised to me that he changed and is not the same person as before. Everything I'm going to say might be tolerable for a brand new admin, but not someone who has been given a third chance, something which almost never happens.

    So, what were our reasons? Let's start with activity.

    His activity is subpar at best. In the 30 days, he was on the server for a total of ~22 hours, which is honestly not that much. In comparison, Doo Doo was online on Knife for ~141 hours, WHAT had ~52 hours, Luckiris had ~34 horus and Mason had ~25 hours. To summarize, out of our Knife admins, he was the least active.

    Nonetheless, his forum, TS and WhatsApp activity was perfectly fine though, nothing to complain here.

    Furthermore, there were issues with his temper and he got into fights with other team members and I had to calm him down. But the knockout punch was his behavior, when some users complained about him on TeamSpeak. Those users were rude and insulted him and instead of staying calm, he started insulting them himself and called those users "autistic" and "retards". This alone basically settles it, we can't reward a Test-Admin with an uprank if he insults users. Insulting users is something an admin should never ever do, that's one of the worst things that an admin can do. But, it would be possible to look past this issue, maybe. However, like I've mentioned before, don't forget that it's his third time as an admin. He should know that insulting users is not something we are going to tolerate, especially after he promised me that he is not the same person as before.

    This is our reasoning for not accepting him. We trusted him, gave him a chance by lifting his application ban and giving him an interview for the third time, because we thought that maybe, maybe this time, things will be different. The first week looked promising and after that, everything started to become all to familiar.

    Regardless of that, I want to mention that OxygeN isn't a bad admin per se, but he has his moments which can hurt our image of him immensely.

    I still appreciate him for sticking with Dream for that long and not giving up on what he wanted to achieve, even though it didn't work out in the end. Massive respect for that.
    Also, just to rule that out, there won't be another application or fourth chance, that was it, we are not going to accept anymore applications by him.

    Still, I wish you all the best for your future and hope that you'll continue staying with Dream, not as an admin but as a player.



  • Gratz to Xlaer

    coldenes you kinda had it comming, hopefully for a solid reason

    OxygeN Actually sad and unfair cause I know more inside stuff but it was final so why bring it up. Was fun having you and you did an great job in server actually even tho your small hours. No matter thank you!

  • Xlaer

    Only thing I can say here is damn dude, I still remember having doubts about you in your erly first application, but you sure did prove me wrong, keep it up brother grin*

    coldenes   OxygeN

    I have to say I agree fully with the decision that have been made but still, I’m grateful for your guys work and time during the time.

    Best regards

    Your boy

  • Congratulations OxygeN ?????

    Uff diese Provokation :thinkinghard




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