Happy Birthday to Doo Doo!

  • Happy Bday to the (almost) best knifer in the server!


    Well, Doo Doo has always been a very important part of the knife community. He has a sense of humour which makes the server have a special thing that users love it. I will speak about my own experience with him.

    2016. Knife Server. I was a nub like any other begginer. Doo Doo introduced me to the community, and I loved it.

    I was very bad playing, and Doo Doo took his time to teach me how to play, tricks for knifing and he helped me with anything I needed.

    He has been for me more than an admin, or a steam "friend" which stays in your friends list like any other guy.

    He has been a brother for me. Whenever I was or I am bad, he always looks after me and asks me if I'm feeling OK, or what has happened to me. Without him, I wouldn't be nowadays here with you guys, being a very good player, helping the community as an admin (for less than 1 week xD, wish that for longer) and always attempting to raise the server's happyness.

    Sadly, I lost his contact during 2017, and I must say that I really didn't miss him. But now I've realised that I lost a very good friend for a whole year, and I regret it. He could've been there when I passed through a very hard depression. Yet, regreting doesn't really help, but I can change the present.

    It's due to him that I am an admin here, and that I am going to do my best to make the community better in any aspects I can help. And, obviously, he is there too helping me with the commands, the administrative things I should know and every other thing I may need.

    That is why I made this post. He deserves love and respect.

    To sum, I also wanted to thank WHAT , Luckiris , Mason and baka for introducing me into the commands and the server administration. They've helped me too <3

    So yeah, today it's a veri gut day because: Happy Bday to Doo Doo  

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Happy Birthday, Doo Doo , you are like a brother to me. You have always been there for me. No matter what, and I will always be here for you as well. Just say if you need anything. I will be there for you. Thanks to you I am where I am today. You inspired me to try to become an admin, and you also have. Inspired me to be a more positive person, and you have made this community a home for me. And I cannot thank you enough. For all, you have done for me. I hope you will have a fantastic birthday. And I wish all the best for you in the future

    from your boy baka  <3

    sorry for bad grammar

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you everyone for the birthday messages, it's honestly really rewarding and motivating for me to hear.

    firehellrain :3 I'm glad to have met someone like you and see you go from a noob to a really good Knifer (destroys me 234234% of the time) and even a Test-Admin now. Perhaps now you can trade that off and thank me with your !rps tactics ;). I appreciate your thanks to me for your drive and ambition to be an admin, it really is amazing to see how it goes from a couple of active knife admins (KermitOS and Nachtfrische ) to such a wide range of friendly people available to help, this is what truly motivates me. Thank you again for the post, much appreciated. :rote-backen

    Sky #inaktiv (2012-2019) Thank you for your wishes and commendation. Certainly, loyalty should be the last thing you'd need to worry about from me ^^.

    Mason It's an honour to be back, thank you for the kind words. :saint

    baka Your sympathy and care reaches reaches the utmost highest summits which I will hold in high regard. I'm glad that I've been able to introduce you to this community and help you get this far as a Test-Admin, your constant perseverance and hard-work will be neglected. Greater pleasures will be yours to reap if you continue to perform outstandingly. :D

    As for everyone else who commented here, a big thank you for taking the time to write such considerate messages, my gratitude is yours. ^^*

    Raven   Magic   CyberTroniX   OxygeN   ImBlue   Davey   Abnormal54 .

    Forever grateful,

    Doo Doo

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