OxygeN's Perma ban appeal

  • He dont hacked on dream. I think thats a rly important to know. If he rly used a free hack for skin converter its okey in my opinion. He was a great Player on dream and never did smth wrong (on dream) . Maybe its because I rly like him but some facts are nice to know.

    In my opinion

    Welcome back Oxy <3

    :facepalm (fuck i need the big one)

  • To be honest with you I'm not 100% certain there is much truth in your words.

    I have a bunch of real life Friends that have cheated in this game, and every time they got bannend they told me the same bs story about how they only used their cheats for skin changing bunny hopping etc. As a matter of fact your Story is the same BS Story many here at Dream have told the Community before.

    If one is willing to take the risk of getting bannend by hacking in CSGO they will obviously use the advantages of a Cheat Client to its fullest scale.

    Furthermore, If I remember correctly It was last week you told us about your Ban and the following departure from the Admin Team and the Dream Community.

    Atleast wait a few months before trying to appeal your ban. You did something very stupid and imature and you deserve a penalty for what you did.

    Sorry a big NO from me!


  • Hey Stalin

    You are a great friend of mine, and have been for a long time since you joined the community originally. It would be sad to not see you be forgiven but from an Admin's point of view, you cheated. You cheated on your account which you use to play across CSGO including dream. The rules do state that if you cheat you will be banned, and that rule applies to all including donators, ex-admins and long-term members which therefore includes you, and everyone else in the community.

    Everyone is equal no matter their past and what we know of it. I do not believe you would cheat on Dreams servers as you have that respect and I know that but sanctions are in place for all. Your statement is just word for a word and whether you say you didn't cheat on Dream, (whether that be just skin changer or even wall hack, aim lock or even knife-bot) you still used cheats and there is no way to prove you didn't use them on our servers.

    If you were any other player in the community, for example a new player who had came on, say they didn't cheat on dream but had been VAC banned from CSGO, I'm sure they would certainly be denied of their appeal almost instantly. That's how it should be with all players, including you, or even myself for example. You shouldn't expect to be forgiven.

    Lastly, you have been admin before and know the rules better than a lot of people and therefore should know that this appeal is more than likely going to be denied and that this is the kind of response that you were going to get from this thread. I would obviously love to see you play again and maybe you will, but we will see. Good luck with this appeal and the outcome, see you around.

    - Raven

    P.S - You never included me in any of the list of players you made :(

  • it went week of using skinchanger and I decided to delete it because it got boring pretty quick

    You used it for a week and only the skin changer functionality? Okay, let's look at that statement closer:

    You said the following thing a few days ago:

    In my opinion as an Ex-Admin of Dream Community and after using cheats myself and having experience with them there was nothing beyond reasonable doubt he might had 2 or 3 weird kills but it can happen to everyone.

    Apparently, you are an expert on cheats after only using them for a week and not even WH/Aim but only skin changer? Hmm...

    Okay, let's forget about this statement.

    This one is from the 11. June 2017, so almost a year ago. You told wickedy, that you know how an aimbot looks like because you have cheaters experience?

    By looking at these videos and having past experience at cheating on my old account ( :kappa )

    I can confirm this is not aimbot in anyway and it's totally clear.

    Basically the same thing, you confirmed cheating on your old account and having experience with aimbot. I don't understand the kappa though, because you even told us about your old VAC banned account here:

    I don't think the VAC ban should stop him from having his points transferred, I have cheated before and I do admit that I have cheated.

    If you do not believe me here is my vacced steam profile My VAC'ed steam.

    It is definitely your account.


    Okay, let us summarize this thing.

    You told us: "So it started with my best friend telling me to use this non-detected cheat from MPGH" , so basically your friend convinced you to get a cheat, which you did. You then proceed to use the cheat for a week but not using it for aim- or wallhack.

    Right now you want to be unbanned because it was "just" skin changer and you used it only for a short amount of time. Unfortunately for you, your old posts prove, that you have been using cheats with aimbot / wallhack functionality in the past, so it's even harder for us to believe you that your friend referred you to a cheat and you then deciding to try it because of the skin changer built-in due to you having moral issues with cheating. The story of a poor student who can't afford skins isn't working out because you got a VAC ban twice now and according to yourself, you are very familiar with aimbot due to your cheating experience.

    I'm interested to hear your response Stalin .

  • Nachtfrische

    The screenshot of the account you showed named "OxygeN 2nd account" is indeed banned due to Aim botting but if you look closely at the date of the ban it's dating back to 3 years ago and I've learned my lesson from using Aimbot at that date furthermore I used that account with "-insecure" mode to test out all the different cheat options that was over 2 years ago on HvH servers and therefore came to conclusion that using cheats is bullshit as you're learning nothing because the computer/ cheat is doing all the work for you.

    And also answering your statement yes indeed it was only for the skinchanger function because I knew if I toggle something more than just that on a free cheat I would get banned even faster because these cheats are never 100% safe to use especially from MPGH, also how you said "poor student who can't afford skins"

    Responding to that I meant I have other expenses that buying stupid in game skins hence I started using SC, maybe if you pay for my bus expenses I could spend hundreds or thousands of £ or € on a stupid game :thinking

    In conclusion yes I did write thins unban appeal because I only used SC and I would never lie about such a serious matter because 1 day or another people would find out that I was lying and it take me nowhere, like there is no point lying about such topic and I'm not doing this just because "I want to save my own ass" like one of the players stated before but rather I'm telling the real story.

    We should sometimes believe in what some people say bare in mind I said SOMETIMES which does not mean always as I'm that kind of person that doesn't wanna lie about this topic and maybe we should SOMETIMES believe or put trust in what people said and If I would ever to get VAC banned again or banned from the gameservers for poor behaviour your could PERMANENTLY BAN me from the community WITHOUT chance of comeback because If I would break everyone's trust then this would be the end of everything I went through on Dream, I mean I've stuck around for over 3 years and made some great friends which are normal people who enjoy playing with me and people who post here are saying their own opinion and I've convinced no one to write something here to "Save" me.

    Hopefully this would be looked at from the positive side and will consider allowing me back on the gameservers, if that would be the case I promise to be an example player to other and indeed promise not to break any rules.



  • Hopefully this would be looked at from the positive side and will consider allowing me back on the gameservers, if that would be the case I promise to be an example player to other and indeed promise not to break any rules.



    I think the Problem is that if they do an exception here everyone is going to try to get unbanned and they will use the same excuse you did. They will say, I cheated but only used Skinchanger, never cheated on the Server what ever.

    I am not in the Leadership but i think that they wont do this exception.

    I am not in the position to tell anything or judge this is just my opinion. You should not get unbanned untill several months passed like everyone.

  • qlassic this might be the case that everyone would lie or try to use such a excuse and I'm not saying they wouldn't but sometimes we should trust some people that were in the community for a period of time and did their bit by trying to make the community a better place, I would not write the topic on 07.05 that I got VAC banned or write a Perma ban appeal if the community was nothing to me as I stated I used cheat and stated what part of it and would not lie about it but hey I can't change what other people think but thank you for your contribution.

  • i would find it weird if he's getting unbanned after 4 days(im not sure if it's really 4 days or longer/shorter).

    Many people are Cheating and once they get banned, They'll say "i used only Skinchanger or FOV changer" but you can never be sure about it. Ofc you can say something like "i would never dare to lie" or something like that.

    Even if you say you would never cheat again, once you cheat it's ""hard"" to not cheat, many people start of cheating with a free cheat from MPGH after the first 1-2 Vac bans you start getting into paid cheat's. Now don't get me wrong with saying it's hard to not cheat once you cheated, the desire to cheat is big if you know what you could do with it, not like "ah i see everyone throw walls" i mean the skins, better FOV settings that you cant normally get, the Night mode that changes the Skybox and/or the general view of the game(darker map, player model's are highlighted).

    If he gets unbanned after such a short time for my view it would look like he's getting unbanned because he's a friend of yours.

    Either way he is getting unbanned or not, i wish you best of luck from my side. I don't know you personally maybe we spoke only once, i can't decide if you're really regret cheating or not.

    PS.: Unbann me too :^), the demo on my ban isn't working #fixdream :kappa

  • Thank you for your input Chris

    Talking into your contribution a little bit, I'm that kind of person that if they fuck up with a VAC ban and get perma banned from community I'll talk about how it went and how it started and it might sound weird because a lot of people in the past were using skinchanger as a excuse not just in community's but overall too but what I'm stating would never be a lie as I realize my mistakes fast but when it's too late to comeback from it.

    For me it's not hard to stop cheating because I don't want to waste another steam account as this is basically burning money for nothing.

    Anyway still thank you for the contribution.

  • Talking into your contribution a little bit, I'm that kind of person that if they fuck up with a VAC ban and get perma banned from community I'll talk about how it went and how it started

    Maybe you should've thought about it earlier, since this is your second VAC ban / VAC account now.

    Okay, time to finish this discussion.

    Obviously, you're not going to be unbanned, we never unban people having a permanent ban after just 4 days. The exception would be that it's a wrong ban in the first place, but it's not. The same rules apply to you as to everyone else, wait foir a while until you write your ban appeal. We don't do preferential treatment, doesn't matter if it's an (ex-) admin, user or personal friend. To be honest, this looks the usual impatient OxygeN to me, not a lot has changed since you came her. Also, comments or tags like "fixdream" like on this thread, don't help. They actually make it worse since you're implying that Dream is now broken, just because we banned a cheater.