Dream Survey: What is your experience on the servers?

  • Hi there, it's me, firehellrain!

    Coming up with an interesting petition for the community...

    I have prepared a Formulary for getting feedback from the users and admins.

    I will explain it briefly:

    - Everyone can do the formulary as long as it is helpful. From leaders to new users.

    - The formulary can be done anonymously. Only me and the leaders will see the results of the survey. There is an option for you guys of writing your name if you want us to know who you are.

    - The formulary is divided in two sections: User-Related and Server-Related. In the User-Related, we will be answering things about your play-time and activity. In the Server-Related, you can already imagine what we will be asking.

    - Many of the questions are not mandatory and you won't have to make them if you don't want to. However, there are some that must be answered for the minimun feedback :D

    - We will be using the data that we get from you guys to fix the things that can be done better, and improving the community even more!

    Several warnings:

    - Don't make troll feedback. It will be instantly removed and we will punish the one that makes it.

    - Try to be as truthful as possible. Lies won't help us get trustable results in the survey. Don't worry about what admins may think. It can be anonymous and, as I've already said, only me and leaders will know.

    - If you experience any problems when doing the survey or make any mistakes, you can either contact me or Nachtfrische and we will help you with that.

    Here is the link to the Formulary: Dream Formulary

    Got any questions? Type them down here and I will try and answer them!

    I wish that between all we can make the community better and innovate the servers!

    Keep Dreaming,

    firehellrain :3  

    With love from Spain,

    firehellrain :3

  • Well to be fair when I was allowed to play :kappa:kappa

    The servers are perfect for me there is nothing to add or take maybe we could make map rotation so the map on every server is not repetitive and create a wider range of gamemodes for the community, I really miss the KZ server we stopped hosting few months ago it was my all time favorite.

    Regarding the administrative team for me it's perfect as I've meet a lot of people and made some good friends with some admins ( and no it gives me no special bonuses :facepalm )

    I know how we can fix Dream;

    Let me play again :thinkinghard:kappa