Toxic player

  • Hello. Im a very salty guy in general, i can say some nasty stuff. I know that. But i dont go the degree of pure racism and HARD insults unless its in a joke form. This experience was above my limit!

    Today i experienced something really stunishing on the dream 35hp knife server. We were approximately 10 players ingame. We had 1 support (Menoc) Suddently a guy called (Hentyy) joins. He starts by being toxic and insulting ALOT! Afterwards he goes to more like: "german dogs" "Heil hitler" "hope you all die". Those kind of things and alot more. On top of that he broke the rules on purpose, in form of constant 2v1. The problem here is Menoc is sitting there powerless. He can slay him when he 2v1, and he can try to call a higher rank admin. But the fact is noone came, he could sit there with that behavior unpunished. In my frustration i teased him when he started to harras (Salthyy) and started to throw something back in his face in form of "You suck too" and "Youre so cool" but nothing really offending. I got so frustrated i logged off. Then i see that i have some comments on my profile, again very harrassing comments from (Hentyy) my point is he should be permantly banned. I have some screenshots to show off: :thumbdown