Banned for no reason

  • Today 2018-06-11 21:45 Ainz banned me for no resson he said its becuse i insulted him witch i dident do, i told my friend "wallen" in the voice chat in swedish "go and suck my toe nails", witch he said it as a joke to ainz.

    So 10 sec aftter that Ainz banned me for Insult to admin.

  • 1. You said "go and suck my toe nails" to me.

    2. I warned you multiple times bevore that to inusult people ( me as well) .

    3. He destroyed the good mood on the server.

    I gave you a half an hour break, to think about your actions. Seems like you don't learn from your mistakes.

    Gerechtigkeit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.:loomi

  • 1. I diddent said it to you.

    2. I diddent hear you becuse evryone talk att the same time

    3. It was no mood in the server

    I stll thing this is false and my friend too he just wannted to be funny.

    next time be more source criticism.

  • I would say that you need more criticism on yourself. Stop insulting people on the server and you can have fun without gettin banned (for half an hour) .

    Gerechtigkeit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.:loomi

  • Dat spelling :facepalm

    Never saw so much mistakes at one place.

    Dude, insulting is not allowed anyways. It doesnt matter if you were joking with your friend or not. Deal with 30 min ban and change your behaviour.

  • ich sag ja Ainz abused nur Kappa

    Tätowierter Arm
    Ich bin der Kanake in Nike Free und Jeans
    Ich bin ausm Ghetto, ich will freiwillig Beef

    Fenster runter, Arme raus spuck auf dein Gartenhaus

    Du willst Krieg? Ich warte drauf.

    Alles läuft hier super zieh die Scheine aus dem Drucker.