Bhop Replay Bot, bhop_blue_aux and Styles

  • Firstly, the bhop bot is pretty broken on some maps, they're just jumping outside of the map or the movement doesn't match up and they keep jumping against walls with 1000+ Units, this is annoying if you want to know, how you could shave off time or want to find out skips that are useful.

    Also pls fix bhop_monster_jam, I really would love to play that map <3

    Secondly, maps that can be abused in some sort of way like bhop_babes and bhop_blue_aux. They aren't supposed to be played like that, even though it's quite unique and creative. They set an unfair standard for the map Leaderboards, as in bhop_blue_aux's case those times have definitely abused some sort of mechanic ( Nachtfrische has a very quick time on it too ) that I myself don't know, these times are 6-10 seconds, even though the very good times that didn't use it have around 30-50 seconds.

    Thirdly, I really wish the server had more styles than "Normal". Styles such as "W-Only", "HSW ( Half-Sideways)", "Slowmotion" or "Low Grav" ( just as examples, there are obviously more styles ) could bring variety to the lame and same maps that we have now. For the case of "Low Grav", maybe there is a way to block certain spots where it could lead to 0.00 times, such as nullify zones.

    Also maybe a few new maps? I could look for some, but others are open to suggest others aswell.

  • 1. Yes, that usually happens when there is no recording of the world record available. What probably happened was, that the current world record was made before we added the Replay Bot and no one beat the world record since then. To "fix" the bug , we could just wait until someone gets a new WR and therefore creates a new recording, or just reset all the times for that particular map. We chose the first approach since we don't want to delete PBs of users.

    2. Agreed, I would also love to play bhop_japan again. Currently, there are some "broken" maps on the server. After you select a specific map, it randomly switches to another. This happens to a few maps like monster_jam. I've actually wasted days trying to find out why that happens and went so far as disabling all the plugins we have one by one to find out why that strange bug occurs. What I found out was that the replay bot is somehow causing this "map skipping" bug. I don't know why and how but after disabling the replay bot, all the maps like monster_jam and bhop_japan started working again. I've decided to keep the replay bot though, since I figured that it would provide more value to the server than fixing a few broken maps.

    3. Yes, that would be nice to have.

    4. Yup, new maps would be nice but they're not as easy to add as other maps. Reason for that being that we need to manually create all zones, which can take some time, especially on larger maps with a lot of stages.

    To be quite honest, the bhop server needs a complete rework since our plugin is kinda outdated. We would need to switch to a different plugin, which would add new features and fix some of the bugs but would also reset everything. That means, that the user data would be gone as well, as would the zones for each map (although there might be some way to convert it, not sure). By switching to a new plugin, we would basically create the server from scratch, which is obviously doable but a lot of time and effort.