CS:GO Retake Server for Dream COMMUNITY

  • Hello and Welcome ,I'am an owner of XGS Community (old community)i had one of the best retakes servers that i made with my own plugins ,
    i saw that this good community doesn t has retakes server so if you want i can create/manage for this community , a retake server with my self-made plugins !so,owner,head admin , if you accept my request please make sure to reply this thread and contact me on steam : My Steam

    I used to manage xgs community alone , creating servers , mods , plugins but now i lost my vps and not willing to buy another one .


    Kind Regards , markj <3

  • Thank you!!! YES YES YES

    People here need to learn how to aim is boring how ttt is so ezzz:kappa

    All jokes aside I’m 100% down for this and will put time in to the server as a admin :thumbup

  • It doesn't look serious. No reference except an Community/Clan Tag.

    Member since Jan 31st 2019

    -> Okay, you need more attention?

    Show us references or good luck with your scam (probably you just edit the plugin info data on already exist plugins).

  • mhhh strange, still cant find any result to XGS Commuity on the internet.I ask myself how can you have an OLD Community when your account is from 07,2018? http://prntscr.com/mg1r6q

    Btw: how can you say that this is a nice community if you have never played on ANY of our servers? http://prntscr.com/mg1qnt

    Noone is that dumb to contact some random dude on the internet and give him access to a server... Forget about that. There is absolutely NO proof that you have ANY plugin at all. You cant even share a GitHub link or something simmilar. Stop trying to scam here.

    I Close that Topic here because it obviously is a scamming attemd. Bring proofs if you have Plugins made by your own.