Administrator Application

  • Hello, I'm really interested in joining your team!

    My Name is Gabe, In-game its Who Am I? ツ︎

    I'm currently 17 years old, going into my first year of university.

    I would really like to join your administrative team because i like the community a lot and all the people in it, everyone is nice and its very fun and i would really like to get an administrative job in this community!

    I have not been playing for too long, around a month.

    For hobbies im into sports, and for pastimes i usually go to the gaming lounge and play cs go all day.

    I do think i am mature but thats for the people to decide.

    I have gained experience as an administrator before but no in cs go

    Everytime i get the chance i play specially when i dont have classes and 100% on friday and saturday.

    If players insult each other i proceed to warn them at first and maybe second attempt before maybe banning after many times of insulting.

    My strengths are that im really well organised and perseverant at what i do

    My weakness may actually be food :p

    In conclusion i really hope i'd be accepted in the team and would really like to get to know you guys and help you in maintaining peace in the servers! Keep up the amazing work!

  • I saw you a few times on the Server and you where 2v1'ing all the time. I even thought about banning you, but then you told me you are fresh on the server and you don't know the rules at all. Also you didnt use the template for an admin application or even try'd to make this application good looking and you dont have the required forum points for the position. You dont even have 3k Stamm points on the server..... I wouldn't even give you a supporter rank.

    A big NO from me.

    Gerechtigkeit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.:loomi

  • Hi Who Am I? ,

    The feedback you received sums it up pretty nicely, as Noble stated correctly before.

    Due to this fact I need to reject your application.

    But if you're honestly interested try again at a later point :thumbup

    No and closed for now.abgelehnt-new*closesnew*

    Ban Hammering ppl since 1991

    C. wrote:

    Der Bot auf der linken Seite ist M. und der Bot weiter oben rechts bin ich.

    Endlich sieht er es ein. #allesbots