Knife Server improvements

  • Hey folks,

    the last major knife server update was long time ago. We as Dream Community plan to improve the server and expand the offer it makes. We already have some ideas for a long time now. The problem until now was, that the leadership was not reachable for a long time and i cant do anything with the servers because i simply dont have any access.

    I think, that now time has come to inculde you as users into planing the future of the server.

    Therefore i first will give you an idea what we have mainly thinking about.. After that i will give each and everyone of you the possibility to make own suggestions.

    Concept of Dream- Seasons:

    Because the current rank points are climbing still and players cant lose points anymore, new users have a hard time to reach better ranks. So we thought about making a Seasons-Concept. That contains periodically resets of all ranks and rank-points (not stamm). To the end of each season the top-season players will get a reward. That could be done through special skins, trails or other bonuses. We thought about making this as a kind of trophy which the winners only can use for the following season, so that they have to fight to keep it. We think that could be an incentive to continue playing active on the servers.

    We also have multiple thoughts about finding the "winners". One idea was the classic "rank", an other could be activity. (so there could also be multiple categories (e.g. most active player, best ranked player etc.)

    This is simply a concept that we thought about. That does ot mean, that we will do it that way. Please give us some feedback what you think about it.

    Your suggestions:

    We also want to give the option to make own suggestions. Please help us to make the server the place you want it to be.

    Therefore we set up this suggestion thread right here. Please share your thoughts on what we could do better. In the best case you already have a possible solution to an existing problem. We are looking forward for YOUR suggestions.

    We have worked hard in the last few weeks, even though we now only have two and a half real knife admins. That is a problem we currently cant fix, but we will continue trying.

    Your Knife-Server Management

    Liebe Grüße



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  • Knife rank seasons was suggested multiple time, even when me WHAT and Luckiris were in the admin team together so you can see that this suggestion is old asf but still haven't been implemented.

    There used to be different kind of "minigames" which were hosted by some admins that players used to enjoy such as Deathmatch or hostage but since the best trio isn't in the admin team anymore those minigames were flushed down the toilet like shit.

    Implementing more player models, pets and other items exclusive to the knife server this used to be mentioned in the past before as well.

    Changing the ranking system a little bit so the rewards suit the knife server more since some of them make no sense in the knife server.

    Implementing more maps onto the knife server since they are repetitive and players not gonna like got bored when playing the same shit all the time.

    Dream Knife Player 2016-2018

    liebe Grüße OxygeN


  • Finds gut das sich mal bisschen was auf dem Knife Server tut, diese Änderungen wurden mehrmals von der Community und von Admins gefordert (inklusive mir ) :D Aber anstatt jetz rumzuheulen das die Updates für den Knife Server so spät kommen seid einfach froh das es überhaupt passiert ist bevor man die ganzen alten Hasen 'vergrault' hat.

    Werde in nächster Zeit bestimmt öfters auf dem Knife Server sein wenn sich was tut. :PogChamp

    Gerechtigkeit liegt im Auge des Betrachters.:loomi