Ban Apology

  • Approximately one month ago my former account Danielthelawd has been banned on the forums due to massive trolling, harassing and simply just annoying everyone on the forums.

    Back then I was going through some shit in my life and I kinda used to offend and annoy everyone in order to distract myself from my real life issues. I know me having a bad time does not excuse what I have done and said but at least it's a sort of explanation for the things I have said.

    I genuinely apologize to OxygeN and Manatee for being an annoying piece of scum back then.

    The reason for me writing this apology right now and not like one month ago, is because first of all I managed to fix most of my real life problems and I kinda started missing the server and second I wanna apologize to the people which have been annoyed/insulted by me especially Mike and Oxygen as I already mentioned.

    By the way I know this apology thread doesn't look like a usual one however I wasn't able to find any templates for forum ban apologies hence why I had to make up my own one.

  • Well if you're being genuine with this apology and did in fact change and want to prove it to us then I see nothing wrong in an unban.

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  • Since there is still no official answer, I might post another apology thread on German instead of English but idk if it counts as repost/double post

  • There is no need to post another Therad in the Forum. U shall wait untill u get an answer. This might need like 1 Week.

    U pushed you're Thread allready with this comment so i gonna tag Manatee so he might answer soon.

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