Against Ban

  • 1.) Mit welchem Grund wurde ich gebannt?
    I was banned for having a VAC ban on my account, which is what I can tell from the sourceban that is also a permaban. This vac ban is from another game, not CS:GO at all. I will prove this by sending a screenshot of my bans. I also look at the rules and there is nothing about having a vac ban, so I'm very confused?

    2.) Habe ich dies wirklich getan oder hat der Administrator sich geirrt?
    From the knowledge I've gained from reading the rules, there is no bannable offense that I have committed. I might be wrong, I do not know. So, if I'm wrong, then be pleased as I do no longer use any kind of cheating software, and therefore I'm reformed. I do not know anything about the admin that has banned me, so I can't talk about that.

    3.) meine Steam ID + [CSS / CSGO] Ingame Name

    STEAM_1:0:125581422 <-- Steam ID
    blackie <-- Current steam name
    Vib <-- Name I was banned with

    4.) Gibt es Mitspieler die das bezeugen können?
    I do not think anyone can testify for this, as I was banned on the date/time of 03.06.2019 - 21:48 and I do not recall anyone from that time.

    5.) Welcher Admin hat dich gebannt ? (Siehe
    It was Perks that banned me.

    6.) Schlusswort
    I made a ban apology some days ago, but was told I did not put enough time into my ban apology and also was told to come back when I can show that the server means more to me, and it really does mean alot to me. I spend a good amount of time on the knife server and had lots of fun, I even reached top 1 and then reseted my stats. I got to meet alot of cool people and have lots of fun and I want to go and have that kind of fun again. I will gladly respond to any questions you guys might have below. :)