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    Hi baka,

    Glad to see people coming up with (new) ideas.

    I do not agree to put this function "! Resetrank" You come to play on the server, you keep your course, it is the community side, what you acquire you keep it.

    After that if you really have good reason, it seems to me that you can ask a high ranking administrator to do it manually.

    For the sounds that you propose, for my part, I'm more to say the least possible. Otherwise you do not hear people talking and anyway there will be no perfect sound for everyone. a lot of work for no great satisfaction.

    Again this is only my personal opinion.


    It's a shame to hear that, it was someone with a lot of maturity he brought a lot to Dream, to players. you will remain someone whose name will remain in my memory.
    Have fun Hypnoxas.

    Nice idea Oxygen,

    It is true that your career is impressive @ Dream, such motivation is not seen every day.

    02:12 - Nachtfrische: Most of the time actually, people are liking the updates and they stuff like "Good job Nachtfrische" which obviously makes me happy and keeps me motivated to keep doing this

    To motivate you, there are people like me who do not say much but follow you closely, appreciate the work, the efforts you make for Dream.
    I come almost every day to see again post, if in this list I see a post from you, I obviously open it first because I am always curious to see what you still do.

    Cya Co-Leader


    But also maybe introducing more rewards again? For example, we need to award them REAL MVPs who play on a server for a long time and introduce personal rewards

    True: Players with 10,000+ Stamm will get 1.5x more credits, players with 20,000 stamm should get 2.0x more credits or something like that

    What a news ! Nachtifrische Co-leader !
    What determination! It's true that you are present everywhere.
    I did not expect that gets your grade as fast!
    I think you either, but it is quite justified.
    (With that determination I imagined that if you were American and that you were in politics you' already be the President of the united states of America haha xD)

    We laugh a lot about it, but I'm really glad you got it, Sky need your help.

    It's really good for the whole community.

    With all my respect, congratulations my friend Nachtfrische.

    1. Will be boring. Gangbang protection is perfect.
    2. Why not, but when there are 20 or more people on server, it will maybe be annoying i'm not sure, need to test.
    3. -
    4. Please don't try to kill the knife community.
    5. You can access steam but not the Dream website? Strange.


    That's good news for my friends @Doo Doo & @Nachtfrische,

    I hope you will keep your amazing motivation Doo Doo for help & increase the community, you try hard for new things, hostage on knife, new solutions, every time listening everybody and so much more. You really surprised me keep Doing ! Please clap in your hands for Doo Doo. -) Congratulations Doo Doo

    I'm really Glad for you Nachtfrische, i know how much time you set in Dream, This is clearly deserved.
    I didn't expect it will be so fast, but still it was not fast enough haha! first time we speak you was Admin +, we already have good contact, and look now Head Admin, I laugh right know actually because makes me thinking discussions that we had at that time about some things, i'm sure you understand me. Much respect for u, congratulations.

    Congratulations Wickedy & Marcello.

    Ich bin von deinen Worten unglaublich gerührt, Sky.