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    Honestly, this post is not only pointless and unnecessary but also a complete waste of time. You got banned by the console and you’re looking for a scapegoat, however, you have no idea who you could blame and you have no evidence of who it was or could’ve been.

    In response to your point of you was ‘joking’ with Ainz , I have never mentioned once in my reply that it was targeted at me, so please take your time to read my response carefully instead of jumping into conclusions. And just to clear up any misunderstanding, I have no problems with you whatsoever. You may think that I have, due to my reactions to the things you say, but that’s just a simple response of mine to the, as I said, provocative things you say.

    In conclusion, you aren’t even sure yourself what happened to you - ‘someone’ re-named you and you was renamed 'more than 10 times’. Unless Dream complaints have come to sorting out mysteries, I propose to closing this thread as there will be no useful outcome - you said yourself that you won’t be really be able to receive an unban anytime soon so, again, this complaint is rather meaningless. In the end, you was banned by the console, not any other admin.

    Hey WHAT ,

    Thanks for taking the time to write a complaint.

    To begin with, I have already admitted to Ainz (see screenshot) that it was my fault that I re-named you, a mistake based on my misconception of TTT/Jail rules with knife. Furthermore, I only re-named you once, through the admin panel; therefore, your accusation of "If an admin use /rename and my name and do it a couple the times it gets the same affect." is false. In fact, I saw you trying to change your name a few times on the server but failed, so this console ban was a result of your own wrongdoing. As an ex-admin, I think you should know that these re-names aren't permanent, so the desperate need and demand for a name change (which, by the way, would've been improbable since your original username is written in Japanese) was completely unnecessary.

    Nevertheless, may I also point out your attitude on the server wasn't optimum neither. I understand that as an 'ex-admin' you may feel like you have the power and authority to regulate the server and actions of current admins but coming online on an alternate account and suggesting that there was 'admin abuse' occurring on the server causes unnecessary disagreements and disputes within the server. Not to mention your rather provocative attitude - saying something along the lines of 'I have a bigger voice than you on the forums', 'cocky admins' and 'I have been here longer than all of you'. Thus, I'd like to give you a formal warning to stop with the rather toxic attitude whilst playing on our Dream servers.

    Have a good day,

    Doo Doo

    Hey Raven ,

    Extremely valid point that has been mentioned before especially during our admin meetings. I believe that this would most likely be implemented since the accumulation of all these points would indeed make it very difficult for others to gain such high ranks as well as offering prizes (yet to be discussed) to those who get top 3 or whatever.

    I'm sure a solution is going to come soon but this is definitely a thought being processed.

    King regards,

    Doo Doo

    Great to see that this is finally implemented - community cohesion should improve with this alternative method of communication.

    My question is, would activity on Discord be needed/required/accepted as an alternative to activity on the TS3 for an admin role? Or perhaps it's too early to judge this?

    Nevertheless, good job on the implementation, firehellrain :3 and Luckiris .


    Doo Doo

    Hello ImBlue ,

    There's not much I can say upon your application apart from the fact that it was extremely well designed and detailed, I can see that you did truly spend time producing this application, I commend you for that.

    Regarding yourself, after seeing you a couple of times on Knife too (as well as minigames) I gathered a really positive picture of you. You were nice to others and you offered a sense of fun which for me, is extremely important. We had a few jokes on the server and I feel like you'd be a great addition to the team.

    That is, if you are able to handle serious situations too as well as developing a broader range of knowledge on rules across all our Dream servers.

    All in all, I don't see why you shouldn't have a chance to prove yourself at least, thus, it's a YES from me.

    Best of luck,

    Doo Doo

    Hello Davey , that's a very valid suggestion and I shall see if I can provide some sort of translation for it soon.

    However, I think that the translation in Dutch wouldn't be necessary/ideal. If it's translated in Dutch, then others will complain why not in Spanish? Why not Arabic or Chinese? Since it's a English/German server only, I don't see the problem of having it only in English/German.

    Thank you,

    Doo Doo

    Davey , we have discussed this before with the admin team but it has nothing to do with the maps. Also, it's definitely not 35hp_fepsi_fix as it is the default map the server loads when it restarts/crashes.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your opinion,

    Doo Doo

    Hello !!!#ENDGEGNER!!! ,

    Thank you for taking your time to compose this thread. The solution is quite simple, as there is no supported evidence (demo or screenshot) then we cannot forcefully sustain this ban.

    Indeed, getting a ban for Aim hacking on knife is pretty rare but it has happened before due to inconsistencies with our hack/cheat detector.

    Unless baka has preserved some evidence, I believe that you should get unbanned immediately.

    Thank you,

    Doo Doo

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you everyone for the birthday messages, it's honestly really rewarding and motivating for me to hear.

    firehellrain :3 I'm glad to have met someone like you and see you go from a noob to a really good Knifer (destroys me 234234% of the time) and even a Test-Admin now. Perhaps now you can trade that off and thank me with your !rps tactics ;). I appreciate your thanks to me for your drive and ambition to be an admin, it really is amazing to see how it goes from a couple of active knife admins (KermitOS and Nachtfrische ) to such a wide range of friendly people available to help, this is what truly motivates me. Thank you again for the post, much appreciated. :rote-backen

    Sky (Inaktiv) Thank you for your wishes and commendation. Certainly, loyalty should be the last thing you'd need to worry about from me ^^.

    Mason It's an honour to be back, thank you for the kind words. :saint

    baka Your sympathy and care reaches reaches the utmost highest summits which I will hold in high regard. I'm glad that I've been able to introduce you to this community and help you get this far as a Test-Admin, your constant perseverance and hard-work will be neglected. Greater pleasures will be yours to reap if you continue to perform outstandingly. :D

    As for everyone else who commented here, a big thank you for taking the time to write such considerate messages, my gratitude is yours. ^^*

    Raven   Magic   CyberTroniX   OxygeN   ImBlue   Davey   Abnormal54 .

    Forever grateful,

    Doo Doo

    Hello Dream,

    It is again that I propose to you suggestions / changes to our 35hp Knife server, this time, regarding map changes. I shall forward new map suggestions and possible removal of current maps. I have browsed through most of the 35hp maps in the Steam workshop, downloaded them and then tested them briefly with baka and a couple of other members.

    All of these maps has been quality checked in the sense of:

    1. Is it big enough to support potential full capacity? Too big or too small?
    2. Is it aesthetically pleasing?
    3. Is the layout of the map suitable for Knife?
    4. Are there any other fun additions? For example, HE grenades, smokes, etc.
    5. Are there any possible implications of points where rule breaking could be common? i.e. excessive amounts of camping places or ladders.
    6. Finally, is the map actually designed for 35hp knifing? (HP and armour).

    I can conclude that all the maps listed below meet the above criteria:

    These maps meet MOST of the objectives but is questionable whether it's viable or not:

    • Whitepalm [35hp knife] - weird/irritating background noise for whoever started the server (unheard from by other players).
    • 35hp_KuatanPalace - weird/irritating background noise for whoever starts the server (unheard from by other players).
    • 35hp_cs_pool - an argument of whether the map is too big or not can be discussed, nevertheless, it's a really nice map.
    • 35hp_wooden - there are two zeus' and two HE greandes for each team, perhaps remove the zeus' or should we keep them?

    Lastly, may I emphasis that there are still some bugs with current maps where action needs to be taken, listed on my thread that still remains unanswered: Knife Server: General improvements and rules update .

    Please feel free to check out these maps, decide on their looks/functionality, perhaps even test it our yourself and comment whether you think it would be a good addition to the Knife map pool.

    Again, special thanks to baka for helping me test these maps along with offering constructive criticism.

    Thank you for reading,

    Doo Doo :D

    Hello ImBlue ,

    In my opinion, it's only fair if the person who gets there first gets to choose it. Perhaps other players like playing that minigame all the time. However, I can see how it would be nice to implement it but the main questions are, is this that big of a deal that a rule should be created for it? Does the admin cost of regulating it exceed the social benefit?

    Thank you for the idea,

    Doo Doo

    Hello Genius ,

    First of all, apologies for the few poor experienced you've had with Dream, there are some inconveniencies that cannot be always dealt with. However, I'm glad that you're persistent in the sense that you're still playing on Dream and that you're taking a step forward to try and reduce such experiences for other players.

    Moving onto your application, I must say, it's relatively detailed for a supporter application and I commend you for the effort. Activity (shown in question 5) and especially preparation (shown in question 6) seems to be a strong point from you, which is always handy when dealing with troublesome situations. I like how your strength is that you are able to detect hacks/cheats somewhat fluently as you say and your logic of not always utilising your powers first to enforce rules but instead, to explain the rules first is very pleasing to hear.

    However, unless you have another alias, I am unaware of your presence on servers like MG, TTT and especially Knife.

    Therefore, the question I propose to you is:

    Are you at least somewhat familiar with the rules in every server?

    A supporter should be able to aid admins across each server. Having a dedicated supporter for one server only is in my opinion, non-efficient and unattractive.

    I shall abstain for now.

    Thank you,

    Doo Doo

    To the Blobby Volleyball champion,


    This is something I thought I'd write to Sky (Inaktiv) as somewhat of a makeshift birthday present. I would've given the entirety of my credits but something like that would probably be meaningless to you.:kappa

    To begin with, Dream started a while back and now as of 16th March 2018, we see numerous amounts of existing members and new members alike. Players and admins both come and go but this man has always been here, ever since the start. I wonder from time to time, what was going through your mind Sky (Inaktiv) when you decided to create this community. Did you know it was going to become this big??:thinking

    Of course, this day is to not celebrate Dream itself, but of course, to Sky (Inaktiv) . Ever since I started Dream, the main impression I got from him was this profound sense of goodwill and compassion. A person of a kind nature with a constant, lingering bubbly atmosphere around him. Sympathetic, comical and great hospitality is only a few words to describe this man. Believing in the best of people, never afraid to give second chances, these are the qualities shown by a pure Saint. Important choices were made well at the start, and now, he enjoys witnessing the blooming of new relationships every single day (we won't bother you too much now^^).

    A true pioneer of trust, fellowship and a sense of belonging. I'm sure we all have benefitted something from Sky (Inaktiv) . Therefore, along with greetings and congratulations, I invite you all to take a quick minute off and comment something you want to thank Sky (Inaktiv) for or a memorable event that happened during your time on Dream. To start mine off, I would like to thank Sky (Inaktiv) for the experience I've had with all the people from Dream, both beneficial and adverse, joyous and sorrow, all these cumulated experiences has pushed me to develop myself as a person and I am very grateful for that. Not to mention the amount of times I stare at my hours in CS:GO and wonder how I'm still a noob at MM, whilst temporarily boosting my self-esteem by reassuring myself that I'm a "Knifer".:tear

    You represent the pinnacle of consideration and sympathy. You have my utmost respect.

    It's amazing how a choice of one person can affect so many lives of others.

    Happy Birthday Kevin,

    Dream and I.