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    You're 19 y/o and you're presenting us with this pile of shite application as a first one?

    Sorry but you can't explain it any different than a pile of shite, I've expected more from a 19 y/o especially since this is your first post on forum which describes the effort you're probably going to put into being a supporter.

    We might have not spoke together often Kevin but I've always liked you since you were always friendly and had positive attitude towards my person, I wanted to thank you for the hours we sometimes spend playing together some rocket league and speaking on teamspeak one day. You were always a friendly person even tho there was a stronger language barrier between both of us because you don't really know English that well and I can't speak German for shit.

    Thank you for putting trust in me when I've applied for test-admin position once but I've sadly managed to fail to deliver my positive attitude, maybe I wasn't mature at that moment but nobody cares about the past and this ain't a place to discuss this since it's not gonna change anything.

    I wish you the very best of luck in future live decisions and whatever you decide to do next, you've made this community huge even tho it supposed to be a o only smaller project that you wanted to do, you've also haven't failed anyone but you've delivered big times since you created something out of nothing.

    Once more, THANK you Kevin and good luck ;(<3

    he is an exception.. and so many players have no respect for younger ones

    Usually the lack of respect to the younger part of the community leads to them wanting a position that they could show and combat this in a way, this time it was a huge mistake with Finn but you never know how it will go unless you try it.

    We completely deleted those bans. These players didnt anything wrong.

    We were just able to stop Finn by banning him. After that he used his we access and banned more ppl. So he tried to damage dream. That is the reason for the exclusion

    I see, thanks both of you for clearing that up.

    SkuLz If he look at Ladog he was 15 when he became Test-admin/ admin I believe, so its not all 16 y/o that are going to cause chaos.

    Did you perma ban like 20 Ppl from Jail Knife and ttt with reasons like „gay“ „n...“ „fck u big boi“ ? OxygeN i guess Not

    I've haven't seen that one coming, nor I checked source bans when that was happening so I was wrong that someone managed to be way worse than me.

    My apologies for the previous post then.

    The community exclusion for admin abuse it bit too much in all honesty, I remember me getting kicked for such a reason back in 2016.... Yet I'm still here.

    "I've waited for 5 months and i joined the server again after that amount of time. I got ban evade by FINN."

    Attempt of ban evasion...

    I'm against an this appeal.

    Fucking ell, so you called someone a "son of a bitch" and told him that you will cut his balls off because he rebelled on Jail?

    Don't you think that your behaviour is bit extreme in this situation? Also its true that more players = more fun... But not when they are toxic like you've shown yourself to be.

    P.S. Just because its a holiday season in Germany that doesn't grant you the benefit to use it as an excuse to have your ban shortened.

    Knife rank seasons was suggested multiple time, even when me WHAT and Luckiris were in the admin team together so you can see that this suggestion is old asf but still haven't been implemented.

    There used to be different kind of "minigames" which were hosted by some admins that players used to enjoy such as Deathmatch or hostage but since the best trio isn't in the admin team anymore those minigames were flushed down the toilet like shit.

    Implementing more player models, pets and other items exclusive to the knife server this used to be mentioned in the past before as well.

    Changing the ranking system a little bit so the rewards suit the knife server more since some of them make no sense in the knife server.

    Implementing more maps onto the knife server since they are repetitive and players not gonna like got bored when playing the same shit all the time.

    Mason I don't think that I'm doing it in every single post...

    Team news from 25.09.2019 I've said "Here goes another respectable admin.... "

    Team news from 13.09.2019 I've said "Jokes aside I really like you and sad to see you being removed...."

    Team news from 05.09.2019 I've said "Well if Ainz is gone then the knife server is going to go fastly to shit at this rate"

    So I don't see the point of saying that I do it in legit every single fucking dream news because you're guys are exaggerating what I really say... Oh look at that after Ainz left the knife server admin team has really went fastly to shit and there is no point in denying it because that's just being in denial saying that there isn't anything wrong or that it's going to be fine. How many applications for knife server do you see happening right now?

    So maybe everyone who says that I write "Oh rip, we are dying" "make me admin" should really get himself checked because this is EXAGGERATED BULLSHIT statement.

    R.I.P Knife server now after Fazard left....

    Kinda not surprised after Kevin lost interest in the community and updates for knife server aren't pushed. Its dying slowly and the leadership doesn't seem too bothered.

    No hate against you guys, but this many admins leaving is not normal and there is a strong reason behind this, leadership is good but there isn't much being done to keep everyone happy.