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    So you bring back Splitz to the admin team who Votekicked me like 2 days ago for absolutely no so I couldn't join for like 20 minutes?

    and yet I had courage to actually help and knew the knife server inside out get declined because of my history and Wickedy's disbelieve that I've actually changed.

    Looks like the leadership rather please themselves instead of the community.

    Appreciate the support from everyone of you guys, tells me that the community wants me to prove that I've changed and that there is still some sort of believe.

    If it happens you won't be let down.

    Guten Abend Dream Community

    0) Do I meet the requirements?

    Yes I do see myself as mature, you might ask yourself why?

    Well Firstly I've had a lot of time to work on my maturity and how I respond to certain situations which I believe its fastly noticeable, Also I've became older since the last time which means I'm not acting childish anymore and I'm also handling the situations and people's opinion a lot differently which is a number one point for any member looking to become a part of the team member and that is "Acceptance of criticism and maturity"

    And I believe that I do deserve the really last chance.

    1) What is your name? Real & In-game

    My Real name is Michal and in-game I acquire the name of OxygeN

    2) How old are you?

    I'm currently 19 years old which is basically my last year of being a "Teen" and taking fast steps into adulthood (Which has already started happening since late 2018)

    3) Why do you want to join our administrative team?

    There are multiple reason why I want to join the administrator team again of Dream Community, Firstly its the constant delays that people do on knife maps which just extends the amount of time in which other players have to wait to actually have fun on the server and I've seen some people leave already because they were sick and tired of waiting until the round ends. Secondly its the amount of 2v1's that constantly happen on the knife server which annoys really everyone (There were people asking the rule breakers including me to kindly stop doing that but they sadly didn't care) and since I know how to pick out the 2v1's and when they happen I could gladly say I could put a hold do this, thirdly its the cheaters since CS:GO has became F2P couple of months ago the increase in the cheaters have sky rocketed across the sky and sometimes its barely playable. Lastly its the lack of really active knife admins I mean I see Fazard , Flamex or Ainz join but we need a really dedicated knife admin that will spend good couple of hours making sure the rules are not going to be broken.

    4) How long have you been playing on our servers?

    I can't remember how many Stamm points I have on my old account I guess it was something around 20K and on my current account I have 1K Stamm points, so I can gladly say that I know the expectations on Knife servers and the rules inside-out. But I've played since 2016 so I can say that I've seen the knife server change and I've seen some players come and old ones leave due to personal reasons.

    5) What are your favourite hobbies or pastimes?

    My hobbies have changed since the last time and now consist of listening to music, urban exploration, and spending quality time with friends on the knife server and the irl ones as well. Oh and I also enjoy banking if someone is really interested in finding out stuff about me.

    6) Do you think of yourself as mature?

    Yes I do find myself mature since the last time, I've had really long time to reconsider what I've done in the past also the key point of my maturity increase is the fact that next year I will go to University and that I'm currently working on Saturday and Sunday and for this things maturity and professional behaviour is essential otherwise you could just forget about either work or Uni.

    7) Have you gained experience as an administrator before?

    I did gain an administrator experience beforehand since I was in the admin team 3 times and that really showed me what is expected of me and how I need to handle the situations, which I'm going to handle a lot differently in comparison to other experiences which people could've had before with me. I've also learned from my previous mistakes which was quiet a few to actually take from.

    8) When do you play? (timetable of your average week)

    That's my current available schedule during holiday season (Would change during school week)

    08:00 - 02:0008:00 - 02:0008:00 - 02:0008:00 - 02:0008:00 - 22:0017:00 - 22:3017:00 - 02:00

    9) User 1 calls user 2 a "cunt" and proceeds to insult him further - what actions would you take?

    If I knew they were friends and only were saying it for fun then I would tell them not to do it too often so other players don't start throwing insults around since then trying to calm down the situation would be an nightmare, if they weren't friends then I would try to find out what has happened to cause this situation by asking both members and other players that were currently online on the server which then would force me to take an conclusion on what punishment is going to happen (Mute, Kick or Ban) but mostly likely it would be a friendly warning. however if the person continued then it would have been a mute or a gag if they continued after this then it would force me to ban them it would be a temporary short ban (1st roughly being 10 min depending on severity of the situation and how many bans the person had before)

    10) Strengths

    - Maturity which has drastically improve since my last time I was an test-admin, now I'm 19 and I need to show that maturity is really important so I believe that this is now my strongest part.

    - My attention to detail has improve which now will let me pick out 2v1's and rule breakers far easily.

    - Understanding of players and what they expect from Test-Admin and what support they really require.

    - I've became really much more approachable and Respectful since I've had a lot of time to reconsider my past behaviour and I've also had time to really mature up a bit and believe that Now I could show how strong of a Administrator run I could have.

    - Acceptance of criticism so people can tell me on how I could improve myself to create even better atmosphere on the knife server so people really get delivered what they need and want.

    11) Weaknesses

    - The biggest Weakness I believe is my previous admin history and the FACT that I've been VAC banned for cheating which wasn't the smartest thing from me, I know this opinion will stay with me since this has broke community trust in me but I have to live with the consequence and actually take it like an ADULT would.

    12) Conclusion / Closing remark

    I really hope that I've managed to leave positive feeling on you guys with this application and how I've changed over the course of time, this time I'm actually promising you NOT to fail and that you would see me really often on the knife doing the best job that I could proving that people do change and that giving me this chance wouldn't be an waste with attempts of actually bringing in an positive vibe and showing an better picture of myself. This chance would let me show you guys that this time would be the time of me actually doing an good work and improving the positive feeling on the knife server.

    Hope to see you on the Knife server

    <3 Peace <3

    I guess this happened on JB? I don't really know how Loony does on Jail so can't really say anything about that, although I can share my opinion after playing with him and good friend Fazard on knife

    (Ich liebie dich Fazard #homo :lul)

    I really like loony and the atmosphere he has build up with fazard yesterday on knife was something different that what it would be if there was just normal payers on the server, he was nice to player and treated everyone equally which is a really big bonus from my side towards him being a test admin. Him and Fazard have also welcomed me back on knife server well whereas some old players have forgotten about me (bare in mind I haven't played for like a year or so)

    This just in general shows that there are some people on dream that haven't forgotten about me and are always happy to welcome me back even after being banned for cheating.......

    In my opinion if there isn't a demo or massive amount of people to back up what he is saying then the complaint/ criticism is invalid :wrong

    Dude, you dont play at the service and you said. XDDDDDDD you have a lot to say, your opinion is nothing but shit

    I dont care now


    My opinion actually matters more than yours thank you, since you're behaving like a kid (Wait you're 15 so you're still basically a kid :thinkinghard)

    If my opinion was shit then Manatee or Winnie or even wickedy would've removed them long time ago, please just use some common sense and apply when you're actually mature enough.

    LMAO. This guy is literally a fucking joke.

    " You have lost opportunities"

    Someone got hurt because he got exposed by different people and he can't handle it, go on dude we are not loosing anything by not giving you an opportunity as an supporter. There was a chance of you having a supporter rank but now you've absolutely fucking blew it away from your face by behaving like this on forum.

    Do you think we are gonna beg you to actually change your mind and join the Dream Team? Guess what. No one is going to beg you here and try to stop you from leaving.

    "yours loss"

    A loss of someone who would insult and break rules as a supporter???

    Yea that's really a big "loss" piss off. If supporters were breaking the rules then you would see the server be empty 24/7. You're a main example of a person that would use your rank in the wrong way and actually abuse if there was a chance because there was a player better than you.

    "second chance wont be"

    What if we don't want your "second" chance?