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    Hello Leo2K

    Having a read through your German application for a knife server which is like 85% English and 15% cancer...

    I have to say that I did not see you that often on the server and when you were on the server I rarely heard you speak or you just did not speak at all.

    Clear NO for me.

    Hello Dream community.

    I would like to post a complaint against Mola for the reason of multiple insults.

    | steamname: Mola

    | steam3ID: [U:1:259394173]

    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:129697086

    | Report Reason: Insulting




    "Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle bei allen bedanken, die auch 2018 als weiteres erfolgreiches Jahr für die Community "

    It's not like I was banned for 7 months :lul

    But jokes to the side, that's a pretty cool and nice event.

    Happy New year everybody.

    Happy New Year 2019 to the entire community from Michal (OxygeN)

    Dream is a really major and great community and wanted to wish you guys a lot of success and happiness in 2019 as well as love and great education grades.

    Hopefully we will be able to spend 2019 in such an amazing atmosphere and that everyone will be happy as always.

    Once Again Happy 2019 Dream, Enjoy the beer (If you're age legal :lul )<3<3

    Just saying that double posting is not allowed (I.e. Having 2 replies under each other)

    You could have used the edit option, also anyone can say that they would not abuse "Actions speak louder than words"

    Also if you used the template then it would have looked bit more appealing towards other people because right now it looks like you've put no effort into it, so don't expect a positive turnout.

    Hello Finn

    Thank you for showing your interest to join Dream Staff Team I will go through this somewhat called "application" and give you my final verdict at the end.. <Hint> It starts with a letter N <Hint>

    First of all you could have at least use the template which you can find By clicking me

    Secondly you're new on the forum and your first post is an application, we don't even know who you are and what you're intentions are when you become and Supporter so we never know if you're not going to abuse.

    "I would first of all tell them to stop, if they carry on I will ban for a reasonable amount of time,"

    Here I sense then you would abuse your rights like Fazard has said above me.

    "My strengths are being positive and not raging at kids or anyone"

    But you're a kid yourself so it kinda does not make sense :thinkinghard

    In conclusion, NO

    Hello Panda GB , I'll break down the application and tell you what I think about some of your answers and in the end I'll state if I'm saying yes or no and state the reason why I'm saying such a thing.

    "4) How long have you been playing on our servers? About 1 Week"

    In my opinion you're a bit too new to be a supporter for the Knife server since you need way more experience and should have general knowledge of the Dream Knife server rules, You can find them here.

    "6) Do you think of yourself as mature? yes i'm mature but as a joke i like to be a little stupid, as i said i think this servers all about fun and excitement and stupidity makes people laugh."

    I understand you want to make people gaming more fun and enjoyable but as a supporter you would be representing the Dream Community and you should set good example to new players and already existing players so it's not really just all about stupidity and excitement you also have to act in professional manner.

    "8) When do you play? (timetable of your average week) 7 hours a day from monday to thursday. Then about 11 hours from Friday to Monday."

    How about your timetable after the Christmas holiday ends in England? since you're only 15 you're still in secondary school and soon will be approaching your GCSE's which are really important for your future so maybe you should consider this before making statements.

    "9) User 1 calls user 2 a "cunt" and proceeds to insult him further - what actions would you take? If it's a mere just "cunt" i'd warn them not to be disrespectful to the user 2, if they were to carry on doing it i would kick them, And if they joined back to insult EVEN MORE. Call an admin because that's something i can't deal with, It'll probably result in a temp ban."

    As a supporter you don't have rights to ban someone since they don't have such benefits, also what if they are friends and only doing it for fun? Would you treat them differently?
    What if that was your friend, would you ignore that and give him a benefit that he is your friend?

    As an Supporter/ Admin you need to put friendship to the side and still follow the rules no matter if they are your friends, brother, sister, uncle, dog or your hamster.

    "11) Weaknesses I have quite the squeaky voice for a 15 year old and i think that some people will use that against me and I absolutely hate that they can talk to me like that when i'm the same race and kind as them."

    What has race got to do with becoming a supporter on a knife server :WaitWhat

    "12) Conclusion / Closing remark. Panda's are sexy."

    Sure they are, but this Panda's application is not sexy enough to convince me.

    Sorry but this time I'll have to give you a NO because the negatives have heavily outweigh the positives, I think you're not ready yet especially with GCSE's approaching really fast.