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    Dead account writing: ehhh sh*t again with this? Imma write this as a spectator and not a friend so expect criticism!

    You messed up a lot of times and various ways but hell I actually seen the chaos on knife and it would be nice to see someone with actual dream admin background

    If your behavior haven't been changed now since like a year ago or so? Then you'll never grow up that's for sure. Then I expect you would be doing a job that fits knife server at first. So let's see what you got, it's a Yes for me.

    ifZ4ne leaving again huh?? (well this time actually leaving) none the less sad. Feel bad for you that you have to start selling your own stuff but I do hope everything will work out for you!

    More and more fallen brother's, and I actually liked these guys alot. But I'm not gonna say more than as long as they are happy and don't feel about this then it's all good. If they still liked and did a good job and wanted to stay or something then it's sad and I'm sorry for what happend. Good luck guys!

    okay just gonna close it as you still blame me for nothing and I be bothered reading it all cause it's just to a good 80% pure bullshit and no you did take it upon yourself like it was against you actually. I was banned by an admin cause he doens't understand how dream works apparently. And I feel like if this was so pointless and unnecessary why did you actually take so much time in to it? You wrote way more then me. All though I could write alot more but I just couldn't be bothered with. More or less I got banned for no reason by console but it was the cause of an admin and at this time yes I still believe it was you as how much you are trying to defend and deflect this...but please carry on

    ///close Manatee as I can't be unbanned cause they don't know how to...:facepalm;(

    What you guys where doing was a bit admin abuse I didn't really go in on that to much. Either way I was renamed by someone more than 10 times as I didn't rename myself that many times as I know what would happended. So someone is to blame and not me. Really don't know why you brining other stuff up like me saying you guys where a bit cocky which you where, as well as me but that was directed more to Ainz as he is my friend but eyyy I already know what you feel about me so it doesn't matter really. I got banned for no reason as well I was told incorrect rules which you guys should know by now. I can't really get unbanned unbanned either but just wanna make it clear that someone facked up and I don't deserve this. What I understood it was you Doo Doo but maybe it was another admin as it only says I got renamed but no by which admin so if it wasn't you my bad. Please don't point out stuff to me as I was having an attitude when I got one back so it's basically vice versa, it just doesn't work

    also btw I been playing longer here than ainz, I was a bigger admin then ainz. I also said this to Ainz only, WHICH I MAKE CLEAR IS MY FRIEND. You stop acting like a victim and saying lies as it does not work with me. I didn't say your name at all in those context. I was talking to Ainz, and he as zero problems with me

    1. Warum ich gebannt wurde?: I actually got bug banned. But apparently my name was not allowed

    2. ob ich dies wirklich gemacht hab oder ob es ein Fehler des Admins war?: I guess it was a mistake by Doo Doo but he didn't wanna admit it from what I heard from a second admin.

    3. meine Steam ID + [CSS / CSGO] Ingame name: STEAM_0:0:94418719 and my name is on that account ナイフでキラー

    4. Zeugen etc. ?: A lot but I can't name them but eh firehellrain :3 and Ainz and Doo Doo and Supermun  

    5. Welcher Admin euch gebannt hat: Doo Doo kinda...

    6. Schlusswort: So basically when you rename yourself a lot on server you automatically get banned after like 10 times or so for 2 h and 30 minutes. If an admin use /rename and my name and do it a couple the times it gets the same affect. So I get banned for no reason and the ban is also not on source bans so that's also a problem. So not 100% Doo Doo's fault but you know.... kinda:tshrug1

    Special thanks to (cause I wrote 13993 out of 10000 letters which dream limits...(sorry for double post) :

    OxygeN or like I would say "Oxygen". You where the very first person I loved a lot and still do. You are still my best friend even though you fucked up a couple of times, but that doesn't make you a less of a person nor a less of my friend as that's not what a real friend would do. You been here for me and I been there for you. Thank you for joining me in the "knife raum" on ts3 two years ago and speak with me. Otherwise I would probarly hated your guts today haha. But I don't as I took my time to learn who you are, and understand the extremly bad jokes that I still laugh about cause a lot of people do not understand them. And they also judge you by your behavior but they see you as a online person and forget that you have your real as well cause they don't care. I say to that: You are a good person, and I love you and you deserve it better than what you already received. Thank you for being a good friend.

    Luckiris is my other best friend. He keeps saying I am the main reason why he joined. As I always greeted him when he joined back two years ago, and I actually still do haha (even if we are on ts3 together) but I guess that's just a bad habit. I know for a fact that he joined cause of me, cause he liked me and wanted to help me and he loves helping others. Luckiris may be three years older than me, but that couldn't bother me less, cause he's also my best friend. He could do something I think it's magic as I have no ide how it works, he could make some numbers and words and make game changing experience. He made great plugings that 90% of the community has no ide that he made. You could joke with Luckiris about basically anything and he would laugh at it. A lot of people can't do that and I think that makes a great person.

    [Team Members]

    Sky (Inaktiv) thank you for giving me this opportunity for being an admin even though you really didn't made that decision. But I was glad to be an admin on this community. I learned a lot of new things and I got the chance to learn others some new things. Hope it goes well for you in the future. Good luck with everything!

    Nachtfrische So...yea it didn't end well for you and me but if I look past it I had a good time with. There is up and downs but that doesn't make you less of a person that you are. But overall you're a nice person but sometimes you don't really seem like the person you actually are. But thank you for the good times cause I did enjoy your company.

    BlackFire I barely talked but it was at one point we talked like almost everyday. I do like you and I never had any problems with you as I never had to come to that. Thank you for being a nice guy! I can't say much more as we didn't speak that much haha...

    wickedy So same as Nacht, there is ups and downs but can't really complain cause I'm not 12 and a crybaby but some of you probarly think so haha. Either way I did like you as well. You're quite funny and I was always nice to have you on ts3 when I/we spoke and I also enjoyed your company when you where around!

    ifZ4ne I never had any problems with you. Your funny and nice actually. Thank you for supporting dream in the time of need. Have some good memories as everyone knows about this and I think you can laugh about it https://steamuserimages-a.akam…ACCF6B87C2B910337D1AE0ED/

    Manatee When I needed help from you, you where always there which is amazing so thank you so much for it. You mostly agreed with my opinions but not always has we are two diffrent kinds of people. But thank you for being a good friend and a great forum/admin who always had an open mind about things.

    VoidFoxy Are you...still an admin or? If sooo haha.. No jokes aside I like you very much even though I haven't seen you heard from you for a while and there is probarly a very good reason for it but thank you for being a good friend that I could easily connect with and understand to a certain degree. I hope I'll hear from you at least one more time!

    Xlaer I haven't seen you either in a while but probarly for good reason (can't remember everyones reason for inactivity) or maybe you aren't and I'm just dumb, who knows? Either way never had a problem with you neither and you are just an overall nice person to talk to and you where always really sweet like alot of others to ask for help from me alot, and I don't see that as a bad thing, thank you for choosing me for help then others haha. But now you can help yourself with your own admin rank haha. Take care buddy!

    baka Really nice friend that I been talking to a lot and also helped. You're where always nice and always listen to what you said, and I'm glad that we had a lot in common and played all the other games other than csgo. I'm sad to see that you have your own personal problems which I'm aware of but I hope you get it solved! I wish you the best and I will continue talking to you on a daily basis. Thanks for being a great friend!

    Doo Doo I did look up to you can't just deny that but recently I don't see the same person sorry. But I did enjoy your company before a lot. You're really nice and a sweet and understanding person. Thank you and take care and good luck with whatever you got going for you in real life!

    ViruszZ kicked me when I was a member for no reason...that's it. That's basically the only interaction I had with you over two years... I talked with you THE absolute least but you are nice I can tell that. Have a good time dude haha.

    Lad0g2103 We didn't talk either but you're nice and very young but mature enough I guess. Can't say much really but good luck dude with whatever going for you.

    firehellrain :3 Very nice and talent person who is trying his best to make other people happy but usually happens that other's ruin it for it for you. Oh well I know who you are and how you are as a person and I think you are good enough in my books. Thank you for being a good friend and good luck with your singing career!

    Winnie We had some disputes but it got solved. Nor did we talk alot either but you're nice overall other than that. So thank you for that and I hope it goes well for you!

    Ainz You seemed way to sad when I said I was leaving even though we barely been talking but thank you for seeing the bigger picture as alot of people couldn't or probarly won't. You're real nice and I hope you'll get a uprank for the admin position you want!

    MagiC0144 Haven't seen you for a while now which makes me kinda sad actually... but you're a real nice friend and I like you very much as well cause you where really funny and you could joke with you all the time and you had a lot of funny things to say. I hope for the best for you actually and I hope you get that admin position you been wating long now? 2 months or so? jesus....there taking there sweet time haha. Oh well good luck on that!!!

    FantasyGamer29 You are also a great friend, I really like you as well as you where very funny and it was always fun to talk to you. It was a great time of making your internet speed in to a meme which someone else already mention in another post huehuehue. Either way thank you very much for being a great friend and good luck on here on dream!

    Rommel You are my best nazi friend. No that's a joke. You're not my friend haha. No but okay no you're a great friend and it was always nice to have you on ts3 and talk and have a overall good time with you. You could take jokes like other couldn't and you said some pretty messed up but funny jokes as well that I won't say here haha. But good luck on here and I wish you the best!

    Menoc Actually the sweetest person I meet. Everyone needs to know but he actually takes his fucking time to just say "Goodnight" when he leaves, even if we haven't talked at all. That shit will always make a good evening/night. You're really nice, we didn't talk THAT much but we did from time to time and I thank you for that as well. Thank you for being a really sweet friend.

    Now..I can't mention everyone I know, cause trust me...there is just waaaaayyyyyyyy to many people I like and hate. I won't mention people I hate cause you just don't deserve it..cause, you are pieces of shits actually:saint but hey hate all you want on my post. Your words don't mean shit to me cause of the scum you are. And for the people I like and love, to many. And for them from the deepest from my heart I'm sorry. A lot of you have me on steam (my main and not on Ryuk which is this and on my snapchat. Thank you all for these great years and the time you giving me. I wish I could do much more for you but can't, but I hope my friendship is good enough.

    Thank you all and goodbye!

    Signing off // WHAT aka Ryuk //-Hampus

    Hello everyone, I'm making this final thread cause of the reason that I can't stand it anymore. I been here for two years and it's been a weird two years. It's been a lot of fun, and it's been hard and stressfull and sometimes I just want to bunch someones teeths in cause they deserve it.

    I been an extremly loyal member of the staff team if I do say it myself. I also been an help for the staff members like supporters and new ones and probarly one of the more helpfull once cause I was always the one they asked first. I'm not saying this out of bragging, cause this is more of the truth like it or not. I never intentionally admin abused and I was always fair with my actions. Everyone doesn't maybe think so but everyone else have there opinion about such things.

    I am leaving cause the of the share bullshit I have the put up with which I really don't deserve. I actually constantly get bullied on the whatsapp (dream team) believe it or not. And I know there going to be staff members talking shit and saying it's not true. Just say okay cool or "yes we believe you" cause it's just not true. At all. As a lot of people that do actually know me personally and stuff. They know to a 100% that I never lie for the better for my sake. I speak the truth always about serious stuff. I been ganged up a lot of times there from staff members, also bullied and talked shit about behind my back. And if they know they are losing an argument with me they start speaking shit in German. They have been doing this for a long time now.

    Now I say "they" as I don't wanna mention names as I don't wanna point fingers and say who's bad or not cause it's unprofessional. All though they will probarly be dumb enough and comment on this. And also just making clear that not ALL staff members are like this. A lot of them are really good friends and extremly good guys. I love them and I'm sorry for this leave but I can't stand it anymore taking this shit.

    It's been countless times when they thought I lied. That's actually makes me quite sad to see. They still don't believe me after two years in the team. That says something, something big. They also value there admins. Even if you are doing a better job, more loyal to the community, that's worth nothing. If you are friends with special people, you are on the top and nothing can stop you. This may seem weird and not true to people. And for them I can proudly say they can't see the bigger picture and they got there heads to far up there ass to understand and realise. That's for only the people that do NOT believe. The people that don't know what to say or which side to take. For them I say don't take my side, and don't take there side, as I'm just another person who speaks up. But all though, isn't it weird when a "bigger" admin leaves or get kicked it's always the same reason or they say something similiar? I think that's something to think about. People here can be extremly loyal and get kicked after one mistake, and others it can take months until an actually action be taken. I been warned for the smallest things in my opinion just because they had nothing on me, cause I mostly didn't do anything bad and I could aruge for most points. Now why would I? I rather speak to brick wall, cause I think I can actually make a brick wall understand more then some.

    I'm just going to make this very very clear: I AM NOT THE BEST ADMIN.

    Why I say that cause people think that I put myself higher than others which I don't. I'm and fair, I'm not the best admin as I make mistakes, cause I'm human. But I put down a lot of time in too this, and when "senior admin" came up I was like "I could do that" and I tried my best. I made some suggestions and helped a little here and there, and in the end no one got cause "no one meet the requirements" which is bullshit. But hey I'm not running this place, also by the way fun fact: I was supposed to get my Level 3 or like old school players know it as "super admin" on the 8th of July. And that's like 10 days when I post this (if I did my math correct, probarly not) and that's not gonna happend now. I spent 2 years and I'm just flushing it down the drain, but hey I don't really care as it's not my fault. The fault is on the admin team. (but not everyone)

    If anyone feel like knowing more about my truth or my sight of this community today after two years please contact me here --->

    If you don't care at all then thank you for reading this far.

    If you don't agree with me and thinking about writing hatefull comments, then I say do so. Cause I know myself I'm the better person, and if I'm happy with that, I can't be bothered with what "you" are saying. If you are going to write lies, then do so, cause people that I care about knows it's not true, and if someone wants to know, they can ask me and I can give them actual proof that I didn't do or say whatever you will lie about me, as I know it will happened cause it's happen before.

    Dream community is a really nice community. It has it ups and downs. I given over 50000 minutes on knife. Over 15000 on TTT. And a couple of thousand on MINIgames and bhop and the surf server that we don't have anymore (hoping for the best for you on that Manatee hueheu)

    I love this community actually. I meet a lot of my friends here, friends I can consider my best friends as I meet them two years ago. A lot of new ones and some friends I lost. I'm now going to thank and try at least for every person I can remember until this date. If I forget anyone, sorry. It's been two years here and there are so many the mention.

    Could I just ask how you got banned for duplicate account if the other account is your "buddys"? Wouldn't your account be fine if you're on different IP's?

    So bascially I talked to MeoW and this is better explained. The first account that he played on that is his friend owns, Meow himself got banned cause too low karma on TTT, he tried to go on his own account and he got the perma ban cause "avoding ban" and he wanted to wait out his ban on his friend account, but he change password and blocked him. So basically he is perma banned and can't join as he only has 1 account to play on now cause his friend took his own account away from meow

    Was kann er dafür das sein bruder gebannt wurde? Habt ihr schonmal vllt überlegt eine andere art des bannens einzufügen das solche sachen nicht passieren?

    our system can't be that smart as it goes for IP and not pc. It can't know that it's someone else playing. The only thing we could do is whitelist him but yea

    I watched the demo and I can obviously see that you are "longswording" and using some sort of aimlock. But yes I can see that you are using longsword, as I am 100% sure on that. In my opinion the ban should stay

    I had to have someone read this out for me in english as your dumbass made it so I can't copy the text and translate it so thanks PizZaMon5ter for the translate.

    It sounded nice and I'm aware that you are really active on servers and you where in the team before and you left yourself which mean you never got kicked so I see no reason why you shouldn't be accepted back in the team

    Yes from me atleast, good luck!

    Hello SwiftFox ^^ I usually say nice seeing you here but this time no. As for your behavior on server against multiple players and staff members always when you play on server. Extremly rude behavior and you been somewhat racist at times. You JUST started playing again from what I heard from ACTUAL active players, they even said you been playing on servers for 2 days now. Yes you played before but that was months ago. I never seen you on forums actually being active nor on our ts3. I seen you doing your job as an admin on "SK" and in my opinion it wasn't the best either. So absolutely NO

    I'm actually not sure if this is a joke or not. Like are you being for real or? Extremly short, and there is a problem when you don't know how to spell "supporter". I'm not bullying you but I can't take this seriously. Don't even understand why people are giving it a like as it's just stupid for me even if they do it as a joke.


    I'm kinda against the unban as she could have waited longer aswell as she treathen to play on server even tho she was perma banned (and she did) also she tried to bribe admins such as myself. And I'm pretty sure she's gonna cheat again as it's very obvious, and btw she got VAC twice for the information I got. Non the less not my decision but still gonna give my honest opinion