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    Congratulations wickedy for your uprank.

    I think this is well-deserved after all your dedication, helping the players and staff members and efforts.

    I hope you will bring more and more great projets to Dream Community.

    To be honest, I think that message is just normal. An administrative team needs to contain active members so it can evolve and bring to life new projects. I’m not updated about who is admin and who is not anymore but I hope that they will make the community better because after all, the administration of a community is here to make it better. This rule will give some admins new thoughts and it will benefit everyone.

    Hello Dream Community,

    I’m writing this post to announce that I am leaving the admin team (well it was on 8th of June).

    The reasons why I’m leaving is that I do not feel that useful anymore in Dream. Did you ever feel once in a project that you were being useless? That is exactly the kind of question I’m asking myself right now. The project here is Dream. Everything is working in Dream, servers, Teamspeak, money. There is no more problems like before in my opinion so I can't see where I could bring my help anymore except by working in kindergarten in some servers. I'm not leaving because something is wrong, I'm leaving because I don't see where I can help anymore. My activity is not the best neither and I would prefer to leave with respect than leaving by being removed.

    I will not make that post longer and I will just say a few words for the people I like.

    • · WHAT and OxygeN : You know already for a long time what I think about you both. Since September 2015, we know each other. Only one thing to say, bro for life. Still in snapchat as you know.
    • · Sky (Inaktiv) : All the stories have an end. This is the end of mine right now with you in Dream, you can always contact me on whatsapp if you need anything.
    • · Nachtfrische : I spoke to you first so I think there is nothing more to say. You know everything.
    • · BlackFire : You are a cool guy, stay like it.
    • · wickedy : Continue like it, you will succeed with everything.
    • · Menoc , MagiC0144 and FantasyGamer29 : You are all some lovely boys. Keep up with your supporter position. <3 (fantasy love your 400 MB connection <3)
    • · Manatee : You are the greatest teacher I have ever met. Continue to teach them the respect they need to have.
    • · Xlaer : You are a nice person. Hope you will rank up one day.
    • · Doo Doo : Well, I love your personality and take care of the knife server.
    • · firehellrain :3 : You a great Spanish guy, it was nice to meet you. Hope one day I will come by to see you.
    • · baka : My favorite Danish boy, sad to see you leaving, I hope your personal problems will be solved fast.

    To all the other friends, I enjoyed my time with you guys, I hope everything will be fine in your life. Enjoy the community.



    There is a plugin which is removing the bodies from the map, this plugin is also doing the animations. Making this suggestion happen would only be to remove the plugin.

    However, I don't see the advantages to remove it neither the cons. It doesn't afftect that much the client even if he has a good or a bad PC.

    Hey kevinwagenius11 , I would suggest that you should have a talk with your "brother" in order to explain to him to stop doing wrong things on server if you don't want to be banned on our servers because we will not unban you every time you get banned because of your "brother". I hope you will explain to him.

    Hey Snaker , well you are my friend so my opinion is not completely neutral. After watching all the demos baka gave to me, I can't really conclude that he is cheating at 100%. I have to admit that some kills looks fishy and his movements are weird but I don't think the actual demos is worth a permanent ban. Most of his kills looks regular and to be honest, in some maps, it's easy to kill someone from 'far away'.

    Until someone proves me that he is cheating with other demos, I think the ban should be removed.

    REMEMBER, he is my friend so my opinion is not completely neutral.