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    as a ex-knife admin i would have done the same, there is a different between camping as a afk and waiting for people to come near you, so you can beat them and kill them and actually being afk, you are allowed to be afk for some amount of time if you have valid reason for it, and yes if you are afk and you comeback and see someone who is poking you with a knife or waiting around you, you have the right to kill him and its not camping as a afk, and yes i know people can abuse this but there for admins are there to judge who is lying and who's not, and i think its super obvious that you were lying because you were triggered, it doesn't take a genius to guess that.

    on your other stupid point that you mention, I was only joking when I said whoever kills manatee gets credits, first of all you can't just literally break a role and say it was just a joke (a prank bro ?) do you understand why that doesn't work like that ? you can believe your actions and sayings are not a certain way but that doesn't matter as long as the action you are doing is harmful in this case against the rules a admin can obviously have that against you and no it doesn't matter how many people are on the server, rules are rules.

    I can agree that manatee is a little too harsh on the server sometimes, but admins have bad days sometimes too, in my opinion he was definitely in the right in this case.

    definitely a no, as i know you a bit more personal from back in the days your behavior doesn't fir the admin roll, and i have heard from one of your freinds that you are 14 ? but it's not fact as he can't prove shit, but you do act like a 14 year old sometimes in the server which is something you have to change if you wanna be a good admin, again no from me but i haven't been active recently so maybe you have changed .

    good luck

    best regards


    So it literally means what i said by definition he wants them to be kicked so that’s why i made my first post, or he rather think they should be. Same thing

    I’m 100% p2 i only Date Girls around age of 12-14 so lini is already too old, do something about it.

    And yes i like bing T on ttt and rl again do something about it ur just go fuck yourself.

    I also literally said on my first post i think they should be more active but I’m not butthurt about it like you, you acting like dream is your whole life, go write a book about it m8

    seriously chill the fuckout and be light hearted about the shit you post .

    And if you are not then expect getting shit on .

    Mason confirmed the kill mission accomplished

    you know yourself what you did as you Begged me to not say it to someone but as you are acting stupid and butthurt here i did expose you, i don’t need prove anything


    Can you explain to me what (Ich würd gerne eine Erklärung haben wieso die 2 nicht in diese Regeln mit eingeschlossen werden) means?

    Ich würd gerne eine Erklärung haben wieso die 2 nicht in diese Regeln mit eingeschlossen werden. 2/3 Der Dream Leitungsmitgliedern sind Inaktiv.



    Literally the guy who made the thread did? Did you even read the thread or are you just back from your little dark corner and hateing on leaders because they kicked you out?

    Wasn’t didosing ts enough for you? Literally fuck off

    Pissed now

    I was a admin as probably some people still know and got kicked for inactivity.

    Still considering that i think i should have been kicked 100% and it was definitely i right decision, but kicking leaders for inactivity? That doesn’t make sense.

    The owner is not even active so who should kick the leaders? The fucking memebers ? Also a leader job is way different than an admin job ofcorse they not gonna be active in the servers they do the decision makings and pluggings and bunch of other shit.

    Considering that do i think they should be active? Hell yeah they doing a bad job rn but none of you guys know what is going on in the backround with dream leaders.

    RIP knife server

    Why should someone who barley speak English even have rights on knife?

    Honestly pissed about this not because i don’t like blue ( i don’t his a abusive piss of ****) but because you guys think this is actually a good idea.

    Called out

    I will actually become active on knife again if this motherfucker becomes admin i know is surprising knowing our backgrounds and the story between me and you but it’s a YES from me.

    firstly because of your application i know people are all giving you a lot of credits for it but you know your self you had to do it perfect this time, i don’t remember how many times you got kicked and promised to change at this point and honestly even though I’m giving you a yes i don’t fully believe you as this sentence I promise this time Loses it value if you keep on falling, i actually didn’t think you were ever allowed to do another one of these but I kinda suprised my self after being happy to see you did as you know we should probably hate each other.

    Again I’m confused with my feelings on this rn but i think knife needs an fully English admin who knows the culture of knife server and someone whos an og on knife like you.

    I didn’t think i will ever say this but i might come back to the team because of you so we can duel knife together but probably in a year or so if i become less busy with pussy jk I’m still cringe

    Good luck old friendttbox*

    I was about to be active again but then i had to go to sleep, i wake up about to be active again then i had to go out side, i come back about to be active again i was kicked sad story pogs on the chat

    We already have this map.

    got deleted for some reason.

    It’s too big and people fand ways to delay on it by using glitchs as far as i remember.


    I actually should be doing this but I’m not competent enough for that many Thanks for caring about knife godbless<3

    i think all the admins you mentioned left them self? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Knife server is doing great compared to other servers like ttt minigame etc, knife and jail are the most active servers this days and it’s true that they are many more german speaking people in knife now but sometimes the server is only English but this changes with the players on the server.

    I agree with most your points tho.

    Definitely a no from my side

    I’m also really pissed rn that you delated your other application becomes i wrote the reasons why you were a bad admin and I’m not going to repeat myself here again.

    Basically selfish admin that used his power as an admin on ttt.

    Now made a new application so he doesn’t need to answer to the people who gived him a no, smart :kappa^^


    Live ur life and play on dream sometimes and if someone told you ‘fuck you’ just tell me ! I will banned them all nokappa:tthumbsup2

    Once a wise man said: an admin who didn’t get kickt stays an admin until he finds his life.


    Have u tried using other mouses?

    If yes do you have the same problem?

    If no have u tried uninstalling cago files as a whole and reinstalling it?

    And if that’s doesn’t work try pluging ur mouse to another usp panel on ur computer case.

    And if that doesn’t work try connecting the support on steam and explain ur problem.

    Good luck