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    Hauptsache leute die in mm gecheatet haben und nicht auf dream werden gebannt und haben wenig chancen auf einen entbann außer du bist hald ein weib und schickts den richtigen leuten einfach nudes.

    NOT this time.

    It has nothing to do with this player gender as it’s officialy a boy.

    Although i think it has a reason we don’t know yet, atleest i hope so :D

    You being one of them? :tlaugh

    Be he still shouldn't be unbanned by any means :DansGame

    yeaaa but he said he couldn’t find my Dick in the picture :sad3:skykappa:tangry

    • We can sit here and complain about it but the decision have already been made, I’m not allowed to state my opinion here as you probably know why but it’s kinda what ever, i just hope he doesn’t cheat on the server Again :!.:ResidentSleeper

    well she is NOT a girl, SHE is now a he. (NOTTROLLING)

    i talked to the guy on ts, is funny how he fooled people on community to send him D pics :lul

    Don’t remember telling you, that you can’t be banned for using an skin changer, Stalin is 100% right but if HE did only use a skin changer or NOT, that’s just too offtopic :popcorn .

    But getting serious tho I also told u to not demand an unbann and frame it as fair which you kinda still did here

    So i dont know what u are talking about when u say it need to take 1year people can still be melancholy. Cheating can be like drogs for some people or smokeing hard to let go even how many years. some people can be stronger in there psyche and let go easy. So i mean its wrong for the admins, you to say u need to wait a "period of time" to learn your mistakes

    I Wouldn’t have done it if i was you as it’s NOT fair for us to unban you but MAYBE a nice way of trusting someone who already lied many times even though i don’t think it’s a justified thing to do.

    Is all on perks and the leadership I Don’t have any opinions that haven’t been said.

    Mason: Don’t BLU it

    YOU : DID

    Best regards


    Yung you saw it coming body, How many times did i talk with u about leaving the punishment side of things in knife server to the admins and not with ur mouth :WaitWhat

    But i do agree that if u think someone is cheating u can votebann him if there is no admin available so the voteabuse part of ur ban was false but u still know about the insulting so it’s still well deserved man.

    Hope u learn and try to do better g see u on knife!.

    Congratulations all on the upranks this was well deserved after the effort in the community.

    Regarding Vans it's sad that he had to be let go, but that's how it works and could have been expected, hope you'll comeback 1day.

    every time there is a team news OXG is on that shit asab :kappa:tlaugh

    GZ sunny well deserved the other one sorry i forgot ur name :kappa<3


    Liebe Community, ich habe vor ein paar Minuten ein 1 gegen 1 mit burn gemacht.. Es ist schlecht für mich ausgegangen. Er hat mir alles genommen, was man mir nehmen kann, er ist einfach der beste Spieler, der jemals auf Dream gespielt hat! Er geht einfach so gut mit der AK um, nicht zu fassen.. euer Mason


    @Leitung also Zmirk , kannst du ihn endlich zum Gespräch einladen? Er ist echt korrekt und kompetent und

    ( wickedy , Nachtfrische , Sky   BlackFire )

    so eine Person warten zu lassen, finde ich ist eine Verschwendung seiner Kompetenz.

    plot twist we are actually looking for inkompetent admins!

    Just look how secsseful I’m on dream grin*

    Jokes aside give this poor man atleest a answer already ffs ^^

    I can confirm he deserves a place in the admin team great dude !