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    I agree with JUZE. Blackbird is a well known delayer, and is henestly just a pain in the ass. Him not being perma banned is a mystery to me. He is the cause of many bans, and is a well known problem among the admins. I agree with JUZE in that regard, and as ive mentioned in one of my earlier posts: Instead of banning a player for raging, try to grab the problem by its root, and in this case that is Blackbird. He is the biggest delayer on the entire server and has wasted several hours of mine and many others' lives.

    You're quite active, and you know the server quite well, but i'm not sure that an admin role would fit you to be honest, more personalitywise. -And some rulebreaks ones in a while (Not that i am to talk) But on the other hand; you know the server well, and you know what kind of tone there generally is, and i can see you as an admin without too many prejudices.

    So from my standpoint, there are a lot of benefits, but also some issues. Best of luck.

    Thanks for the reply. I also admit to have said i have used it in the past. Its fair english isnt your native tounge, it isnt for most of us, so it is understandable. I respect the strict guidelines, and i havent once mentioned me wanting to get unbanned. I just wanted to clear up what i did wrong, since i dont wanna have beef with you in general. But again: I appreciate the reply, hence that was my goal. I apologize for the doubleposting and consuming your time, since this wont do anything in particular except satisfying myself. Ill so you in a month or so. Take care until then

    I apologize for making a new thread on this, but Manatee closed the threat without any arguments, and hasnt accepted my friend request, so we can solve this in private. - So this is a followup thread from the other one (I know it isnt allowed, but a certain admin, wont discuss this) so here we are:

    Well yes, we were talking about a console command that ruins your range, that has been abused for a long time. We were talking about players who has been using it and we need to wary of it. So dont you DARE to put that shit on me Manatee. Im not using it, and never will. That coversation was about getting tid of it. I f you had the slightest sense, you would know what it was about. I had accused Wandam of using it, but we talked about it, and we came to a conlusion, which was he didnt use it, because his range was still decent. I then went on to explain him what is was, so cut the bullcrap with "youre lucky we didnt record earlier".

    Second of all, you say that i dont have the balls to tell my opinion to the person in question. Well if you look at my other now 10 bans as you clearly pointed out, it was for insulting directly. So your bullshit about me just being a guy who talks shit isnt true. Instead of always insulting them in their face i tried to just discuss it. i were talking with some players on the server about the player in question not knowing what a 2v1 is, and i described him as a little whore. Fair enough if you dont give a shit about me not insulting you., and it is just insulting in general- But that is still what you wrote, which clearly shows that you havent watched the clip, or your english capabilities are below average. I apoligize for my rude tone, but enough is enough.

    And last but not least. I respect that you want to get rid of the toxic behaviour, since it is an evident part of the 35hp community. But keep in mind we werent insulting we were talking shit, which is a very different thing.

    Sorry Guacamole as much as I like you as a friend... You shouldn't be unbanned because you were banned and unbanned soooooo many times already and if I remember you promised once that such a situation would not happen again.

    I just get that feeling like you're not learning from your mistakes and actually not being able to play on knife server for the ban duration would be the best outcome for this appeal, maybe you'll miss the knife server a little and actually understand that you're ain't going to be unbanned after every appeal you make.

    Im not saying i want an unban. Im just making a point that i didnt call Manatee a whore ^^ I think the ban is fair since you have it on video that i admit to 2v1 a guy, no matter what the reason is. Im just annoyed that is says "calling an admin a whore" when thats not what i did, i said the player FF15 is a little whore. So the ban is fair, and this isnt an attempt to get unbanned just a point, since me an Manatee isnt on good terms (never have been) i dont wanna have beef with him) and all you saying i deserve it, it is fair enough. This is my idk 20th ban or something. Just saying, that the reason listed is wrong :)) See you in a month ahahaha

    Hi. I got banned again. The discription says says that i called an admin a whore. The clip is taken a bit out of context. I didnt call Manatee a whore. I called the player FF15 a whore. (He wasnt there at that moment) But we were discussing how he keeps calling 2v1 for everyhting even though it isnt. I then admitted that i 2v1 him for real, since he calls it anyways. But the point is i didnt call you a whore. If you had filmed for 2 min more, i went on and praised you for your good work as an admin, since you do your job quite well. So this clip is taken out of context and it is very short, and the "whore" criticism was against a player not you. Just saying, but i will take my ban. Just keep in mind that i PRAISED YOU and didnt call YOU a whore...


    from Manatee

    Because you habe shown a good behaviour and changed your critiam „culture“ on a very positive way, i decided to lift your ban. Please make sure that you watch your language. I will keep your points in mind

    I really apreciate that. Ill keep a leash on my language, and especially keep the positive feedback in mind. Thank you for your time :))

    Ah i see where youre going with that. I can admit to the "faggot" claims. But the "scrub" is just a meme bro. I respect your desiccion and i can easily see it from your perspective. But take my post to heart, and keep improving the server, because it had gotten way better when i joined after my last ban, so i hope it will gradually get better! -Thank you for replying Manatee

    Well. Here i am again. Complaining about another ban.. It has been a while ;)) :rote-backen2

    The issue here lies, in the fact that i just tried to join, and got a ban notification. Im very confused so i check the sourcebans. It then says "banned for 1 month"
    Well. Due to the amount of previous bans i have on my record, the lenght is fair, but according to the violation i commited it is way too long.
    I admit that i used some swear words, but not in an extremly assesive way. I got 2v1'ed for the 500th time, by the same dude (one of many) so i said i quote "Can you stop fucking 2v1'ing me you little whore!", and that sentence is then followed by a mute by Manatee. Fair enough, i see the point, i violated the rules of language so i got a mute. Mute me for a week for all i care.

    But here comes my point. Instead of banning me, a frustrated player, like so many others, try to grab the problem by its roots, if i hadnt been 2v1'ed by that guy and so many others, my language would have been way different. And in many cases it is. 2v1'ing happens, and many times we can solve it in a friendly way.

    So leave my ban be, and might consider to reduce it. But for future issues try to solve the problem where it originates :)

    Thanks for reading my post, i hope the server has improved once again when i join next time.ttbox*

    -Yours sincerely Genesis/Yung Guacamole

    Well hey guys. Just woke up, removed my post ahaha. As i wrote i was very intoxicated and just pissed i couldnt play. I will accept my ban since its thr 9nth. But 3 days for votebanning is a bit much in my opinion. Good day to you, and i apoligize for wasting your time on this meaningless shit :)=

    Hello. :tthumbsup2 I got banned for 3 weeks for calling someone "faggot" in a calladmin. I meant to type fagot. Which is an instrument in the english language. :WaitWhat

    I am very offended about this ban and i would for it to be emediatly removed :lul

    Im glad you say that.

    About the triple posting im not sure what you mean? -I made another post in another forum section. When i found out that doubleposting isnt allowed i took it down emdietly.

    About the ban do as you wish and as you see fit

    well on the bad behavior youre completly right. If you havent noticed its the only way to get your guys's attention. Ive done many mature calladmins with calm and good tone. As every person active on the server can confirm no-one comes. In this very offensive way the attention of the admin come to hand. So instead of banning ME straight away maybe you should come on the god damn server and see whats going on.

    The admin job might be voluntary, and i may behave like a 6 year old. But YOU are not doing god damn JOB! So before you come here with accusations, see what is going on in the comunity then you might understand the frustration and the reason for this inmature way of calling admin. But here is the pure proof that THIS get your guys attention. So go on the server play a while, be useless and come back. Then we can talk :)

    I understand you, but I saw it so much times on knife that a lot of players call instantly, for example a 2v1. They don't try to solved it first without an admin, but they don't say anything and make a report.

    Mayb I will play tomorrow on knife, need to look cuz my new PC is dumb atm.

    We will have a lot of fun, like every time :smug

    Yes i understand that is true and it is voluntary. Even tho it is also true that we calladmin after every 2v1 it is because everyone starts 2v1. It spreads like a fucking plague. And often those who does it are new players with russian settings who doesnt understand a word of english. Nor that or its a little braindead midget of a kid. So the hammer of punishment must fall when this happens and get a good community again where the rules arent something you go take a dump on. So yes i will take my ban once again for getting the attention of the admins. I will keep doing that as wickedy said "you must understand when you do something wrong" well i do understand but that would not be necessary if it was dealt with. And as i mentioned the rulebreaking pest spreads. Alot of people break the rules, that leads me to calladmin "abuse" (No where close) but offensive calladmins. That way the pest spreads to me aswell :thinkinghard

    I hope you will consider what ive said, and with that out of the world. I will say peace and i hope its taken care of soon. For the other players at least. I am feeling kind of done with this once great but now cancer-infected community. :facepalm:(

    Well on that point you're right. Ill go take a chill pill and calm down. Its written in frustration. Well i do not want to punish the admins on my friendlist. I do alot of calladmins because there is so much rulebreak, so if a guy does it just call an admin if its frequent and let them come (Wich never happens) This doesnt mean its spam. Since there is more rulebreaking than ever. This is caused by the vast majority of who******* on the server. I am not allowed to use that word anymore since its the cause of my last ban wich was 3 days that caused i didnt play for a month in hope that the incompetence and rulebreaking would calm down when i returned. (That is defenetly not the case)

    Hello. I am gonna make another fucking pathetic forum complaint!

    This time its about the problem of admins (once again)

    I just got banned again for "calladminabuse" Well i wanna tell you something: IF I CALL A FU***** ADMIN, there is a god damn reason. If you have the time to ban a guy who does the calladmin then you god damn have the time to go on the fucking server and ban those little midget wh*** children. Those who breaks the damn rules frequently. Learn to prioritize in the best interest of the server instead of banning the player that is doing an calladmin just to avoid spam. THEN LEAVE THE ADMIN TEAM. This incompetence is incredible! :cursing

    If you have the time to ban me than take those 2 minutes extra to ban the god damn rule breaker! This comunity is at is lowest and i would like it to go back to what it once were. Nachtfrische is doing alot of work and it is wasted on freaking incompetence from some of the admin staff. :nothing-to-say

    GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER - Peace Guacamole. (Looking forward to my next ban for this post) :tshrug2

    Banlength 2 d
    Expires on 26.10.2018 - 20:50
    Reason Call Admin Abuse
    Banned by Admin MagiC
    Banned from DREAM ~ 35hp Knife Only | !knife | !ws | !gloves...
    Total Bans 6 (search)
    Blocked (1) 『Yung』| Guacam☯le ♫

    Magic incompetence has reached a whole new level! I request an unban and a god damn good apology. I know its an offensive calladmin, but thats no excuse it was censored so you cant complaint buddy!