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    Was war das für ne Augenkrebs Farbe Gold dann rot grün weiß.

    Nein von mir.

    Dear Gaara

    My name is Juze

    I have 18000 stamm on the knife server, I have been playing on it for two years and I've been number 1 numerous times.

    Leo wants to help improve player experience and the quality on our server so you should try to show some respect instead of writing some irrelevant comment that adds nothing of value.

    The dream knife community feel like the admins and supporters has abandoned the knife server and leo wants to change that.

    It's honestly insane that the server has 20 + players for hours daily and there's still no admins answering! Call except ainz, (not that much) splitz and (not so much) mason.

    There have been days where there're hackers that are using spinbot, aimbot, bhop scripts and more and everyone's called admin but no one has joined, no one joined in the whole day. And yeah days like that are not rare.

    But the fact that you talk about some fucking colours instead of giving supportive feedback to the guy that tries to do the job almost all other mods has given up to do Just shows how much you care about this community. You should feel ashamed, leo really put a lot of work into this text so show him some respect and I do not the colours is the point of this text so you should maybe not focus on that.

    This server is the best and most active knife server I know and it's not good or active because of people like you gaara, it's good because of people that invest time and effort into the community and being active. People like mason, ainz, (retired) baka and (retired) WHAT just to name a few.

    And about respect, we that play on the knife server do not respect someone / mods because of their tottal playtime or if they are "famous" on the server. We will respect someone if they make the server better and do what a mod should.

    I feel like I've said enough

    Good luck Leo, we're routing for you.

    : tthumbsup2