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  • Happy Birthday
    • Thank you so much😊
  • allesgute*
    • Danke schön😊
  • Happy Birthday
    • Thank you so much😊
  • Happy Birthday <3
    • Thank you so much😊
  • RIP. Go apply for admin.. :)
    • Ain't dead yet, just living in the shadows, and no new admins or players know who I am so prob wouldn't happen. But it would be fun maybe
  • Happy Birthday Hampus <3
  • Happy Birthday <3
  • I love u
  • Dammn What is bullying again people on Dream
  • He is not a Toxic Admin he is A Toxic weeb cuz he cant get a harem
    • (so sad) (so true)
  • Toxic but helpful admin <3
  • Love you <3
  • Hello.
  • I made the first joke and i know its unfunny but i cant make funny jokes and so on and this is why i made it. But i think the joke is creative cuz your name is what, my question is how did you get to that name. I mean did you see the Word and thought "Omg this will be my name"? Sorry this comment is so long and random but i dont know why i spend my time doing such random things. Hope you will understand that.

    But to your Question yes im fine.
  • WHATs up?
    • ha funny, not that I seen that joke about a million times by now but nothing much, you?
  • Me like dis guy (sry for bad swedish)
    • Danke Friedrich! me likey u tooo
  • Du Kartoffel #Skullikx
    • Du bratwurst
    • :c disrespect baaaaan :c
  • Swedish version of a baguette
  • not very good at knife server^
    • like you ever play there anymore :P
  • My swedish potatoes :D
  • [SM] ADMIN : Spawned a baguette named Luckiris :D
  • prnt.sc/fgkudl

    look at the name of the city after MYSQL :D
  • :D
  • <3
  • What's good?

    • Says the backstabber himself >:(
  • :*
  • eksde